Wall by Ralph Pucci


Pin It Fancy

Foreword by Wendy Goodman.

WALL exposes the art and design aficionado to a new format of unique expression translatable to the contemporary home. Using walls as a forum for art -- through visionary painting, photography, sculpture or lighting -- this collection features a brilliant compilation of cutting-edge design, art, and inspiration.

Through the global establishment of his international design galleries, Ralph Pucci is an international innovator and pioneer in the synergy between the worlds of art, design, fashion, and commerce. In WALL, Pucci surveys the incredible outside-the-box concept that is the linchpin of his incredibly eclectic environments that constantly redefine modern art and design.

For more than two decades, Pucci has collaborated with established world-class artists such as Kenny Scharf, Maira Kalman, Ruben Toledo, Malcolm Hill, and Deborah Turbeville. He has also worked with many furniture designers, including Patrick Naggar and Jerome Abel Seguin, to create the signature wall murals at the core of Pucci style and spirit. WALL demonstrates the uniquely Pucci concept that art can perform in a novel way in every environment.

ISBN: 978-0-9823799-8-1
128 pages; 8 x 8"; hardcover;
75 4/c photos


Ralph Pucci