Ezio Gribaudo: The Man in the Middle of Modernism
Victoria Surliuga


Pin It Fancy

Edited by Paola Gribaudo

In this monograph about prolific Italian modernist artist Ezio Gribaudo, Victoria Surliuga, Associate Professor of Italian Studies, conducts a book-length interview with the artist that highlights and narrates his work in connection with the major personalities of modern art that he has met throughout his career. Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Fernando Botero, and Pablo Picasso are just a few of Gribaudo’s contemporaries. He also collaborated with other notable and influential artists such as Giorgio de Chirico, Francis Bacon, and Peggy Guggenheim.

Trained at the Accademia di Brera and as an architect, Turin-based Ezio Gribuado brings to his visionary art a distinctive sense of chromatic precision and historical determination derived from his work as a painter, sculptor, and graphic artist. As a former art printer, he incorporates printing tools into his mixed-media artworks. His award-winning production has been recognized with various international prizes, among which are the IX Rome Quadriennale in 1965, the XXXIII Venice Biennale Prize (for graphic arts) in 1966, and the São Paulo Biennale in 1967.

Victoria Surliuga is Associate Professor of Italian Studies at Texas Tech University. She conducts research into modern and contemporary Italian literature, cinema, and art. Her publications include analyses of the relationships between paintings and poetry in Giambattista Marino, the poetry of Andrea Zanzotto in Fellini’s Casanova, and the poetry of Franco Loi, Giancarlo Majorino, and Giampiero Neri. She has published five collections of poetry.

ISBN: 978-1-943876-26-6
256 pages, 8 5/8 x 10 7/16" inches; hardcover