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"In a new book, the esteemed design dealer looks back at the striking murals he has commissioned for his New York showroom over the past two decades."
"Design maven Ralph Pucci has launched a new book celebrating the influential, ever-changing entry wall in his West 18th Street Gallery in New York City, following on from his first tome, Show, which looked at the furniture and mannequins exhibited in the space."
"His latest book “Wall,” published by Glitterati Inc., creates a new dialogue based on color, texture and emotional sensibilities. Jean-August-Dominique Ingres, the French Neoclassical painter said to his students, “If I could make musicians out of you, you would benefit as painters.” Pucci will quickly tell you that he is neither artist nor musician; and yet, as a master at melding artistic disciplines, he will move you through rhythm, harmony and a beautiful simplicity of line."