The Private Lives of the Sun Signs

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"Master astrologer (and author of T&C’s horoscope page since 1989!) Katharine Merlin has turned her extensive knowledge of the stars and all that shines above into a debut book entitled The Private Lives of the Sun Signs. Available now, Merlin’s work is an in-depth look at what one’s sign says about the way they live, love, communicate, and beyond (essentially an all-of-the-above analysis of why Virgos, Sags, Cancers, etc. do what they do—something we and everyone else is constantly curious about). This book is less a glimpse into the future/your month in horoscope explanation, and more an opportunity to get in touch with both oneself as an individual as well as other people, with a stronger understanding of what makes people tick."

"Katharine Merlin has four decades of experience in this field and you can sense her expertise due to the nicely detailed feel of her book. It’s written in a style that is especially good for those like me who have limited knowledge of astrology, but an interest in learning. And yet I also think that this would be a good read for those who know way more than I do about astrology."