The Malkovich Sessions

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 "When you delve into ‘The Malkovich Sessions’ by Sandro Miller copyright ©2016, published by Glitterati Incorporated, you can’t help but have Oscar Wilde’s famous line, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness,” intrude your thoughts, however, this work elevates imitation to a whole other level unequaled by most. A collaborative effort between brilliant photographer Sandro Miller + prolific actor John Malkovich, you’re taken on a journey of true metamorphosis."

"Rather than Miller simply superimposing Malkovich’s face directly into the photos, however, the actor fully assumed each role – makeup, wardrobe, posture, expression – for the camera: Bert Stern’s Marilyn Monroe, Annie Leibovitz’s naked John Lennon and Alberto Korda’s Che Guevara among them. For his part, Miller did his research over the course of a year, scrutinising each image’s lighting, composition and finish. His goal was to align his works with the originals in the minutest detail, with minimal digital intervention."

"This exhibit – which features John Malkovich as the subject in 41 iconic portraits – is far from Sandro’s introduction to working with Mr. Malkovich, as the two have known each other for almost two decades. For those looking to bring home the exhibit’s contents to their coffee table, such was released in book form on Apr. 5 as The Malkovich Sessions." 

"Sandro Miller's The Malkovich Sessions is an epic curio of a monograph that marks 17 years of collaboration. Miller captures Malkovich in dozens of portraits, from the classic to the candid, but the highlights are Malkovich's interpretations of iconic photographs, from Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother to Bert Stern's beloved shots of Marilyn Monroe...Miller's doorstopper offers a full-circle pop-culture moment, as we go from Being John Malkovich to John Malkovich...being everyone else."

"Photographer Sandro Miller translated this common post-viewing – Being John Malkovich thought experiment into a 17-year project, which has culminated into a volume of stunning portraits. The Malkovich Sessions, published by Glitterati Incorporated, collects photographs of John Malkovich playing different characters, and documents Miller and Malkovich’s journey in making them."

"Over the course of 17 years, award-winning photographer Sandro Miller and inimitable actor John Malkovich combined their larger-than-life personas and talents to produce a series of portraits and films, most notably those that reconstruct the most iconic images in photographic history, in their Homage series. Others in the collection here capture the genius and range of Malkovich’s acting ability in distinctive portraits as well as in film works."

"Un talent d'acteur et de mimétisme inouï au service d'un œil tout aussi talentueux, celui du photographe Sandro Miller qui recrée impeccablement le décor, l'éclairage et les attitudes des photos originales qu'il admire, une façon de faire la révérence aux artistes qu'il aime."

"The level of control and the amusement provided by these images are worthy of a book in themselves, but this collection goes beyond that … This book is well constructed… It’s a journey worth sharing and revisiting. You’ll find something different each time you turn a page."

"In this book, rather than on film, John Malkovich gets to be himself, in all his goofy, creepy glory. And he gets to recreate some of the world's most iconic portraits, with the help of photographer Miller, in a book that offers both pathos and whimsy."