See the World Beautiful

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"In her critically-acclaimed coffee table book, See the World Beautiful, Menke journeys from the deserts of Africa to the hills of Asia to the frozen landscapes of North America and beyond with her keen eye and an innate understanding of people and place. She documents as an insider not a voyeur, just how fashion, culture and art collide on such shoots."

"A skilled fashion photographer can put a model in a designer frock on the terrace of a sun-kissed Mediterranean palazzo or beneath the dripping leaves of a rain forest canopy, and create an aura of romance around what is – let’s face it – a little more than a piece of fabric, some thread, and a hemline. One such shooter is German-born Anne Menke who’s been creating leading-edge fashion imagery in out-of-the-way, often harsh locations for the last 20 years."

"Very much a fashion traveller, Menke has been all over the world locating diverse backdrops for her fashion spreads, featuring people and places she believes represents the inspiration of current runway collections. Her book is a collection of photographs taken while on assignment for the likes of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Conde Nast Traveller – a number of these photos taken for her own interest as well as the ones featured in the assignments."
"A new book by photographer Anne Menkeshowcases more than a decade’s worth of pictures shot on her journeys to the far corners of the globe—and reveals the beauty And sense of style inherent in cultures the world over."
"I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have the dream of combining all of their passions and making a life’s work out of it. Unfortunately, many people are not lucky enough to do so, but such is not the case for luxury fashion photographer Anne Menke. Driven by an insatiable desire to see beautiful things and different cultures, the German-born photographer gets to do both on a frequent— if not daily— basis. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel the world and experience different cultures, cuisines, and fashion, but with the release of Menke's newest book just around the corner, we will get to see the world through her eyes."
"Anne Menke has traveled the world on assignment for the likes of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Conde Nast Traveller, usually in search of the perfect environment to shoot a fashion spread. She has discovered that these environments themselves are the origins of much of the fashion we see on the runways today and has compiled an incredible record of people and places with that in mind."
"As fashion photographer Anne Menke was putting together her new book, which officially arrives in stores this month, she spoke with her Art Director, Andrew Egan, about her artistic vision and personal outlook. “He said, ‘How do you see the world?’ and I was like, ‘I see beautiful, I look always for beautiful things.’ This explains everything that I do,” Menke recalls. And with that, she had her title. “See the World Beautiful,” a book of photography documenting her search for beauty across numerous countries and cultures, presents her most classic shots from the last fifteen years of her career."
"Fashion photographer Anne Menke brings us a book with the inspirations behind all the amazing runway shows we see year after year. After scouting the world for the perfect locations to shoot fashion spreads for Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Conde Nast Traveller to name a few, Anne Menke decided to bring us the fashion we know today from its natural organic sources. Enjoy pictures from all over the world including Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America, with text from Tommy Hilfiger, Julia Chaplin and Andrew Niccol, this book is truly one of a kind. See The World Beautiful is an unbelievable photographic diary of culture, art and fashion photography from a global perspective. Stop by your local book store and pick up See The World Beautiful, for only $85 you will get a book of endless fashion inspiration."
"Anne Menke, the German-born photographer, has shot Yves Saint Laurent and Comme des Garçons fashion in far-flung destinations across the globe. But between rigorous production schedules, she always fulfilled her passion for documenting the people, cultures and costumes of these places. Her new book See The World Beautiful (Glitterati, $85) highlights the fashion photographer’s favorite shots from a decades-long career. As described by friend and lifestyle editor Julia Chaplin, “[Anne’s] work documents the far corners, but it’s done with a fresh, accessible casualness. There is no feeling of us and them, high and low.” Anne shared with Indagare some of her images and discussed travel, fashion and some memorable people she has met."
"Anne Menke has traveled the world on assignment for the likes of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Conde Nast Traveler, usually in search of the perfect environment to shoot a fashion spread. She has discovered that these environments themselves are the origins of much of the fashion we see on the runways today and has compiled an incredible record of people and places with that in mind."
"Anne Menke’s photographs have featured in fashion bibles the world over. But as her new book shows, her real passion lies in documenting more everyday lives."
"As a fashion and travel photographer my favorite thing to do is go a little further up the mountain, or a little farther down a bumpy dirt road to document indigenous and ethnic lifestyles—the real source of many of fashion’s best ideas."
"The peripatetic magazine photographer Anne Menke specializes in fashion editorials set in the remote corners of the planet. Those hyper-stylized images, for the likes of Vogue and Condé Nast Traveler, are in her new book, "See the World Beautiful" (Glitterati Incorporated, $85), but so are pictures of a more documentary style: Masai warriors donning beaded jewelry in Nairobi, caped nomads arriving on yaks and horses for the annual Naadam Festival in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, and women wearing necklaces of marigolds in the holy city of Varanasi, India."
"This month’s books left me feeling inspired, from a memoir that explored the relationship between a son and his mother who left an indelible mark on everyone in her world, to the breathtaking images of fashion photographer Anne Menke’s global travels. What type of books are inspiring all of you lately? Beautifully-written novels, biographies of great people, self-help tomes, beautiful photography? Here are the books I’m reading right now, and please leave a comment with any books you highly recommend – I’m always looking to add to next month’s list!"
"From city streets to the African plains, images to inspire, surprise, and delight."
"The book itself is large and striking, offering Anne's perspective on many remote lands and overlooked peoples. At one point, Anne says, "In the Andes, the women perform manual labor in the fields, harvesting corn and potatoes. The men do all of the knitting. They make elaborate patterns that are some of the most sophisticated I've ever seen." In such moments, the diaspora becomes clearer, and Anne continually proves that the fashion on our runways is closer to the handiwork of people in lesser known parts of the world."
"Anne Menke captures the uniqueness of beauty in every color, culture, and community."


“In this illustrated book with a preface by Tommy Hilfiger she curates unforgettable impressions and images, paying homage to the people, cultures and landscapes she has encountered. It’s no wonder that this is one of Oprah’s favorite books. 253 pages of unadulterated beauty-stunning!’’