Sarah C. Butler

Sarah C. Butler spends part of each year on Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine, where she creates most of her work. She travels the rest of the year to find inspiration for her work. She attended Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland; Rockport College in Rockport, Maine; and Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. She regularly exhibits her work in Maine Galleries.






“[Frozen in Time] is about Butler’s mother and the dreams and aspirations that drove her until the end of her life. But more importantly, it is a book about how the photographs, and the process of making them, transformed Butler herself.”

“an exquisite and deeply personal photographic narrative chronicling the turbulent relationship between Butler and her mother set in the serene surroundings of her mother’s beautiful but dilapidated Maine home that had been abandoned for 25 years when she purchased it. At once stunning and heart-wrenching, Butler’s luminous photographs tell a poignant story of coming to terms with her mother in a way that is both intimate and universally relatable”

“The images Butler made… are striking… evocative [and] reveal a complex and compelling narrative… Frozen in Time is a book about family, distance and reconciliation; the mysteries of the mother-daughter relationship; and, finally, the redemption to be found in acceptance. It is a visual tour de force that will mesmerize photography aficionados and students of family relations alike.”