Personal Vision: Photographs

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"'Personal Vision' attests to Mr. Cowans’ mastery, featuring a broad range of photographic subjects… Pulsing with the heartbeat of their subjects, these images make visible that which is often unseen: the complex humanity that defines each of us, making us far more similar than different… Mr. Cowans’ production has been prodigious.”

“Over the course of a long career that included an apprenticeship with Gordon Parks, a run as a successful magazine portraitist and film set photographer and a longstanding interest in fine art, Adger Cowans has been driven by the desire to capture emotion… [Personal Vision] celebrates the span of his work, from street studies to portraits of creators ranging from Romare Bearden, pictured with his cat, to Mick Jagger napping in a hammock.”

“...for a much-needed dose of spiritual nourishment and artistic inspiration, look no further than Personal Vision, the handsome new monograph of the photographer Adger Cowans’s terrific body of work."

"Though the Metropolitan Museum and MoMA have exhibited his professional work, [Adger Cowans'] book... features frames from his personal collection. The tome contains 40 years of photographs — including Malcolm X at a rally on Fifth Avenue, Halle Berry and Al Pacino on set, and portraits of Gordon Parks."

"Asked what he has meant to the world of photography, Cowans replied, 'I don’t think like that. Spirit touches me and something comes out. It belongs with the world, it doesn’t belong with me.'"

"Mr. Cowans also paints, makes music, and works with fiber, bolstering his Renaissance Man stature. The book riffs on that distinction, showing different phases of his photography discretely, including digital concoctions, still lives, and experimental imagery." 

"Perhaps the best way to describe Cowans work is to speak of its soul, of its capturing and encapsulating the ineffable, intangible, ephemeral yet eternal, essence of life, one that is as ethereal in spirit as it is tangible in silver gelatin printing."