Out of the Wild: Zoo Portraits

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"In so many ways, Boza Ivanovic is a living, breathing testament to the vitality of the American dream. He first traded his family’s only television set for his uncle’s camera before eventually selling it for a ticket to Los Angeles. With no money in his pocket and no knowledge of the English language, Mr. Ivanovic first paved the way for his career as a professional photographer by working as a limo driver and a security guard on movie sets. While it must have been difficult for him to see the long term benefit of those jobs at the time, Boza eventually met an executive director from UCLA, who hired him virtually on the strength of one photo."
"Never work with animals or children. Unless you can give the animals some moody lighting, in which case sign them up and allow them to blow you away. These incredible images are from photographer Boza Ivanovic's new book, Out of the Wild: Zoo Portraits. Ivanovic sought to take the cages and glass out of the world of the zoo, allowing the viewer to focus on the awesome animals these institutions seek to preserve."