My Elizabeth

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From a purely artistic point of view, I found My Elizabeth to be  a stunning book. It's a splendid oversized volume with beautiful violet book end papers that lend just that extra level of elegance to this wonderful book. The photographs of Elizabeth Taylor are of course gorgeous and I had a great time looking at each and every one."

"Hitchhiker, hippie, humanitarian and fry cook: That’s the Elizabeth Taylor Zahedi saw—not only through his 35-mm. lens but through a 35-year friendship that began when Henry Kissinger tried playing Cupid for Taylor (unsuccessfully, with Zahedi’s diplomat cousin) and spanned the latter half of the screen legend’s life. Now, on the five-year anniversary of Taylor’s death at age 79, Zahedi is publishing My Elizabeth, his intimate portfolio of Taylor’s off-screen life...."

"Firooz’s photos of “his” Elizabeth—many of which we see here for the first time—are stunning expressions of the unconscious pas de duet between artist and subject; then artist and artist—and, ultimately, artist and friend."

"In 1976, she met a young photographer named Firooz Zahedi while she was enjoying a dalliance with his cousin, Ardeshir Zahedi, Iran's ambassador to the U.S. at the time.... The affair with the Iranian diplomat ended, but Firooz remained Taylor's friend for life, traveling with her all over the world, and he's collected his intimate photographers of the late star in a recently-published book, My Elizabeth."

"Most of all, she was good to everybody, and I hope this book will show people that there was another side to her."

"In the photographic memoir My Elizabeth, out March 23, photographer Firooz Zahedi presents a rare glimpse into this lesser-known time of Taylor's life, from age 44 to her death. Over a 35-year friendship with Taylor, Zahedi captured her most private moments on many travels, in her Bel-Air home, and among her famous inner circle: with the Rothschilds, the fashion designer Halston, Michelangelo Antonioni, and her great love Richard Burton."

"Photographer Firooz Zahedi's tantalizing new book, My Elizabeth, manages to bring the great lady to life in a way that will make even her most die-hard fans revel in delight and discovery."

"Nobody got closer to the Hollywood legend than Firooz Zahedi, her friend – and off-duty photographer – for 40 years."

"This is an artist’s memoir. A biography of sorts; the story of Firooz Zahedi. But it’s Firooz writing about the life of Elizabeth Taylor. And Elizabeth Taylor in the life of Firooz Zahedi. A personality study. An entirely serendipitous adventure that went on for the last forty years of Taylor’s life, and affected a man for the rest of his life thereafter."

"In 1976, young art student Farooz Zahedi met Taylor, who was dating his cousin, the Shah of Iran's ambassador to the US. This was the start of a friendship that spanned 35 years and Taylor's transition from screen goddess to leading fundraiser and activist for AIDS research (she was the founding chairman of amfAR) at a time when the disease was stigmatized... Now Zahedi's images, many never seen before, have been collected in a "photographic memoir" called My Elizabeth."

"Elizabeth Taylor was no stranger to the spotlight. With her violet-blue eyes and a life that was just as dramatic off the screen as it was in her films, her persona endures as one of the most iconic Hollywood stars of all time. But what about the woman behind that persona? The lighthearted, fun-loving, and down-to-earth spirit her friends knew when she stepped out of the limelight? Thanks to a new book by photographer Firooz Zahedi, we’re getting a firsthand look at the personal life of the friend known to him as My Elizabeth"

"Diving deeper than the jewels, gossip, and multitude of husbands, this book explores who she really is at her core, outside of the Hollywood limelight. Beginning in Washington, D.C., and traveling to New York, Los Angeles, Europe, and Iran, the duo’s collaboration underscores an evolution in their friendship and the real star presence of Elizabeth."

"Documenting a little-known era of Taylor’s life, from age 44 to the end of the star’s life, Taylor’s photos in My Elizabeth, many of which are never-before-published, offer a singular glimpse into her private life. Zahedi reveals an extraordinarily playful and yet whimsical, down-to-earth spirit not otherwise captured by celebrity photographers."

"Friend and acclaimed photographer Zahedi offers a private eek into Taylor's life from 44 into her 70s. Includes the Washington, D.C., years, jaunts in Montauk, New York with Halston and Andy Warhol and intimate photos of her children and stepchildren. There's Taylor making fried chicken, on a boat in Venice, on a trip to Iran."