Mister Finch: Living in a Fairytale World

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"Mister Finch, who creates nature and folklore-inspired flora and fauna, indeed lives in a poetic, mysterious, magical fairytale world and if the crowded opening for the artist’s first solo show in New York (there was a book launch with a few pieces of his work last year) is any testament, enchantment is catching on. Do we need it now more than ever?"

"The artist known as Mister Finch recasts the creepy crawly delights of the forest using recycled textiles that add a curious touch of elegance and morbidity.”

"Anthropologie’s Christmas exhibition is an installation by the Leeds-based artist Mister Finch, who makes ‘soft sculptures’ out of vintage textiles. His depictions of nature — including 37cm moths with wings of embroidered linen — are magical and eerie in turn. Cinder Embers runs until January 4 at Anthropologie, 139 King’s Road, London SW3. His book Living in a Fairytale World (Glitterati, £30) will also be on sale."

"Sumptuously illustrated, Living in a Fairytale World offers the reader a gander inside the mythic world of Mister Finch. His creations are mostly ‘upcycled,’ a curiously esoteric term meaning repurposed from oddments and junk shop finds...The book rather neatly divides into motifs and fixtures. Here be uncanny hares and foxes, meticulously brocaded songbirds and insects, troops of dysmorphic mushrooms – all the shadowy imaginings of childhood dreams. The effect is mesmerizing and faintly unsettling."

"Leeds-based textile artist Mister Finch is a master of artistic recycling as he breathes life into vintage fabrics by transforming them into sculptures of moths, rabbits, mushrooms, and strange hybrid lifeforms."

"My friend Mister Finch’s new book invites us to a magical world of stuffed animals and creatures from British folklore. He’s such a talented textile artist!"

"What do beetles have to do with a self-described ‘man who sews’ working in Yorkshire? Well, Mister Finch makes embroidered fabric versions...Reared as I was on Beatrix Potter’s tales, I can’t help thinking of The Tailor of Gloucester who would surely have been right at home in Mister Finch’s fairytale world."

"Just a flip through the book is a source of inspiration–the the moth there at the right, with the fur body and the tapestry wings? Gorgeous! — but a more steady perusal shows the book’s taxonomic organization into photos of handmade insects, birds, fungi, and mammals. If you like to work with wire, you’ll be fascinated to see the detail that goes into twisting a bird’s feet out of grey wire, or angling a spider’s matching eight legs. If you’re more interested in sewing stuffies, you’ll want to pore over what you can see of the work that went into that napping fox, and the pleats underneath the mushroom caps. All of this is possible to study, of course, because the photos are striking, concerned most of all with preserving the details in each handmade creation. It’s easy to see the stitching down a bird’s belly in these photographs, and the way that fabric is wrapped to form the stalk of a fungus."

"Mister Finch’s book is a portfolio of his work, beautifully photographed and catalogued.  Of course I couldn’t go home without a copy to keep, so this is my copy and I love it!  Every time I look through it I find new favourite pages."

"There is a beautiful book, illustrating his creations so far. 'It’s really a portfolio of work’ he continued, as he flipped through the delightfully odd menagerie of creatures and it’s a must -buy for anyone who loves this area of the creative world."

"I received a review copy of Living In A Fairytale World and it’s one of the prettiest books ever, full of beautiful inspiration. Mister Finch (as he prefers to be called) has a love for old, tattered textiles as I do, and sees them as butterfly wings and whimsical bunny ears. This book is page after page of a world of animals, fungi, and other types of nature, all created in great detail. Sometimes dead, sometimes alive, always beautiful."

"His work is impeccably detailed, quirky, wonderful and I would decorate my house full of his amazing sculptures if I could! A story like home!"

"One of those creatively gifted people has to be Mister Finch, a wonderful textile artist who lives in Yorkshire, England. His debut book, Mister Finch: Living in a Fairytale World by Mister Finch copyright© 2014, published by Glitterati Incorporated, is a wonderfully whimsical trip through an enchanted world of bumblebees, toadstools, hares, and so much more."

"But make no mistake, and herein lies the paradox: with the artist's eye and needlework love, the creatures first imagined then born, become unforgettable."

"For those people wanting to get a taste of the work we see online and in Mister Finch's book Living in a Fairytale World, then look no further. There are special edition copies of the book in the store and the gallery at Anthropologie is a wonderful space for stepping into a magical place."

  • Fiber Art magazine

"The appeal of Mister Finch is his ability to humanize the life cycles of nature. The book allows allows the reader to scrutinize the tiny details that make that make his work exceptional."

  • Workshop of the Web
"Living in a Fairytale World has been highly anticipated by fans of the textile artist Mr Finch and it does not disappoint. For those who have glimpsed his world of creatures and woodland flora and fauna through his Etsy shop, Facebok page and Pinterest, Mr Finch’s creations are brought together to form a cohesive whole and show how his work interacts to create a mythology of its own."