Lukas Birk

Lukas Birk is an Austrian born multi-media artist, explorer and organizer. He was educated in Austria and the U.K. A former journalist for Austrian and German media, he worked as a news correspondent and photographer in his late teens and early twenties. After extensive travels in India and South-East Asia, he decided to study art at LCMM in London, where he complete a BA in digital arts and photography. Lukas has been a traveler for the last ten years, focusing heavily on East Asia and the Middle East.

His experiences traveling in Afghanistan, the Gobi desert, India, and more are all interwoven in his work. He set up a base in Beijing in 2007 where he co-founded the Austro Sino Arts Program, an artist-run, nonprofit, proactive organization promoting Austrian art in China. Lukas has exhibited his work on three continents, which includes large-scale installations both in Israel and China. His films have been screened around the globe in prominent festivals such as the New York independent film festival. He now gives lectures and teaches multimedia art.

Lukas' first major publication Kafkanistan (2008) is about tourism to conflict zones with a focus on Afghanistan. In 2010, Lukas cofounded the Austro Indonesian Arts Program, a nonprofit private art foundation in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He currently lives in both China and Indonesia and continues to travel for at least four months a year. Several publications are planned for the next years, including a coffee table book of his Polaroids from the Middle Kingdom series and the Afghan Box Camera Project.