Living Newport: Houses, People, Style

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"The glossy 9½-by 12-inch coffee-table book, which weighs in at 4 pounds, is sure to be a valentine for anyone who treasures the City-by-the-Sea. The book is full of sumptuous photography; even the inside end-papers combine with the inside cover to create a double-page image of a glorious seaside. Over the 224 pages of the book, readers will find a treasure trove of insider information into the lifestyles of those who are part and parcel of Newport today, and whose guardianship of the past continues into the future. A layer below the splendid mansions that are open to the public is a lifestyle of affluence that is quietly being lived by the people profiled in this book."

"Twelve gorgeous pictures of Newport, Rhode Island, from Bettie Bearden Pardee's new book, Living Newport: Houses, People, Style."

"The pages are like peering through the windows of some of Newport’s most legendary homes including Oakwood, Clingstone, The Ledges and arguably the most famed, Hammersmith Farm, known as the “summer White House” during the Kennedy administration."

"If you are buying this book as a gift, I urge you to cuddle up with a cup of tea and read this book cover to cover before wrapping. Better yet, buy two copies. You’ll want to keep one for yourself to read it again and again."

"Another side of Newport can be found in the pages of Bettie Bearden Pardee’s Living Newport: Houses, People, Style — sumptuous homes, garden parties, weddings set against mansions, yachting and even the City by the Sea’s Coaching Weekend. This is glamorous Newport, alive and well, beautifully photographed by Mick Hales. If you like a good mansion tour (but never get to see all you want), you’ll like Living Newport (Glitterati Inc., 224 pages, $65) — a sequel to Pardee’s Private Newport: At Home and in the Garden. Divided into seasons and featuring 17 properties, it gives you a tour not offered by the historical society."

"So when Glitterati Incorporated published Bettie Bearden Pardee's Living Newport: Houses, People, Style, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy. Turning through the pages of the book was like turning back the clock and being back in Newport - except this time, I was invited past the hedge row, through the gates, and into houses that you can't see on the tours. I was the invitee of societal picnics and weddings of the social elite. I was the guest of beachside gardens where roses and boxwood knots come together to create magical resting spots to enjoy the East Coast sun."