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Spring 2017



Hunt Slonem

"A Favorite Artist of Kris Jenner, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jimmy Fallon Has a Wild New Project" Architectural Digest

"I find inspiration everywhere, but nothing sparks more ideas than travel. New concepts for my work emerge every time I go away. These new experiences influence my perspective on everything from color and technique to subject matter and scale."


"Painter Turns Studio Into Stunning Habitat for the Birds-Turned-Muses He RescuesPeople

"My passion for birds started when I was a kid in Hawaii – I just fell in love with them. Some people like dogs, but I'm a bird person – birds and orchids. I would sit on the porch with my parakeets as an elementary school kid."


Sybil Brooke Sylvester

"Intimate Beauty" Romantic Homes

"Here Sybil shows off that friendly intimacy in a three-part arrangement that includes purity roses, chamomile blossoms and tuberoses, gathered in iridescent jars that are as much a part of the arrangement as the flowers."

"Fresh" Hello Lovely

"The fragrant creations within Fresh by Sybil Brooke Sylvester bloom with inspiration and reflect the brilliance of southern floral artist Sylvester's distinctive designs and innovative arrangements."


Freeze Frame: Second Cut
Douglas Kirkland

"One of the most widely respected American photo essayists, portraitists and magazine shooters, Kirkland has always brought his worldliness and sense of glamour to the backlot..."
"News in Pictures" The Times
"Frozen in time: An expanded edition of photographs by Douglas Kirkland, will go on sale next month. Freeze Frame: Second Cut features many of Hollywood’s greats, including Michael Caine who starred with Michelle Johnson in Blame it on Rio; Twiggy in The Boy Friend; and Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland larking about in Rome."

Fall 2016


Conventional Wisdom 
Arthur Drooker

"Lincolns, mermaids, and furries: the world of conventions" BBC News
"Why do people participate in unusual gatherings of Santa Clauses and furry cartoon characters? Arthur Drooker has travelled to meeting halls around the United States to photograph people who share the same obsessions. He says it's all about the need to belong. His photos are in a new book, Conventional Wisdom, published by Glitterati."
"Bronies, mermaids and antromorphics: America's countless conventions in pictures" The Guardian

"There are more than a million conventions every year across the US, where likeminded people gather to share their passion for subjects as varied as varied as clowns, Abe Lincoln and taxidermy. Arthur Drooker is a longtime observer of these annual gatherings, and has released a new book, Conventional Wisdom, published by Glitterati."

Provocateur: Photographs
Tyler Shields

“Tyler Shields, Hollywood's Favorite Photographer, Tells Us What Makes Him Tick” Dallas Observer

“‘Bad boy’ photographer Tyler Shields [is an] L.A.-based jack of all trades, [working] with Lindsay Lohan, Emma Roberts, Demi Lovato, Aaron Paul and plenty others”

    "Tyler Shields, Provocateur" L'oeil de la Photographie

    “Los Angeles based photographer Tyler Shields’ work has made a big impression, whether it’s his photographs of exploding Rolls Royces, alligators clamping their jaws on Birkin bags, or starlets flying through the air in impossibly beautiful arcs."


    Reimagined: 45 Years of Jewish Art
    Mark Podwal

    "The Art of Mark Podwal" Moment Magazine
    "Podwal employs incisive and often intricate line work to create stark images that reveal vivid emotions and tell complicated stories. Although the drawings’ topics are serious ones, his work shows enormous wit and frequently has charming whimsical touches… Like Wiesel’s words, Podwal’s art transcends mere images on paper to serve as a witness to the Jewish historical experience."

    "An Art of Vision and Faith" Print Magazine
    "Reimagined: 45 Years of Jewish Art is a massive collection and the first monograph of this famed and prolific artist; one who has connected with art lovers from New York, Prague, Israel and everywhere in between. In this extended collection, the reader encounters the diverse array of works that represent and span Podwal’s illustrious career; from the whimsical, such as Matzoh Moon and Talmud Typewriter, to the political, such asMunich Massacre and Annexing Arab Anger, to the religious, which includes Passover Haggadah illustrations and textile designs from the world’s most historic synagogues."


    A Brush with Nature
    Alex Beard

    "Books for giving: A New Orleans reader's wish list" The New Orleans Advocate

    “a record of 25 years of painting by the artist who has chosen New Orleans as his adopted home. Beard describes how he came to his distinctive style of painting, and New Yorker writer Paumgarten’s essay gives us a glimpse into Beard’s remarkable life as he traveled the world, fell in love with Africa, devoted himself to art and conservation, and made a personal and professional life in New Orleans.”

    "A Brush With Nature"  Hello Lovely Studio

    "Themes of cultural and environmental interconnectivity are explored within a gorgeous collection of  paintings inspired by wildlife, travel, and natural patterns inside A Brush with Nature: Abstract Naturalism and the Painting of Life."


    A Possession Obsession
    Monica Rich Kosann

    "Monica Rich Kosann, A Possession Obsession" L'oeil de la Photographie

    "Her time with more than sixty-five intriguing personalities, celebrities, and thought leaders resulted in 'A Possession Obsession: What We Cherish and Why', a photographic collection that transcends materialism and explores the secrets and stories behind beloved personal items.

    As a creative spirit, Kosann attributes her interests in both design and photography to an underlying fascination with storytelling. This curiosity is apparent through both the questions Kosann poses and the intimacy of the images."

    "How Celebrities’ Possessions Became Their ObsessionCause and Yvette"

    What’s amazing about the possession obsessions captured here, besides being owned by the many different celebrities, ranging from famous designers to writers, is the backstory that answers the “Why?” that made their chosen object so dear. Kosann then goes the extra mile to better capture each heirloom surrounded by some of her subject’s other possessions, giving the reader a more intimate gaze into that person’s much-faceted personality”


    Frozen in Time
    Sarah Butler

    “Glitterati publishes Frozen in Time by Sarah C. Butler” Art Daily

    “The images Butler made… are striking… evocative [and] reveal a complex and compelling narrative… Frozen in Time is a book about family, distance and reconciliation; the mysteries of the mother-daughter relationship; and, finally, the redemption to be found in acceptance. It is a visual tour de force that will mesmerize photography aficionados and students of family relations alike.”

    "Frozen In Time" PDN

    “[Frozen in Time] is about Butler’s mother and the dreams and aspirations that drove her until the end of her life. But more importantly, it is a book about how the photographs, and the process of making them, transformed Butler herself.”


    Ezio Gribaudo
    Victoria Surlinga

    "Ezio Gribaudo's Theater of Memory" The Louise Hopkins Center for the Arts


    "The book accompanying the exhibition combines the accuracy and scholarly details of a monograph with the aesthetics of an art volume. Gribaudo: The Man in the Middle of Modernism by Victoria Surliuga, contains a interview with Ezio Gribaudo that highlights and narrates his work in connection with the major personalities of modern art that he has met."  

    Personal Vision
    Adger Cowans

    "The Heartbeat of Our Being, in Black and WhiteThe New York Times

    “Personal Vision” attests to Mr. Cowans’ mastery, featuring a broad range of photographic subjects… Pulsing with the heartbeat of their subjects, these images make visible that which is often unseen: the complex humanity that defines each of us, making us far more similar than different… Mr. Cowans’ production has been prodigious.”




    Spring 2016

    Barbie: The Icon
    Massimiliano Capella 

    "Barbie: The Icon" Publisher's Weekly

    "This brightly colored, fully illustrated book by fashion historian Capella celebrates the Barbie doll as a legendary fashionista and inspiration for girls. The doll has been meticulously redefined to stay relevant since its debut in 1959. Color photographs illustrate Barbie’s evolution decade by decade through her clothing and career choices, as well as the more technical changes to her posture, facial expression, body proportion, makeup, and hairstyle."

    "Barbie: The Icon" Edge Media Network

    "The production value of this glossy pictorial is exceptional and makes it a required item for Barbie aficionados. Inside, the snippets and factoids on the iconic doll, her history, evolution, and influence on domestic and international culture appear on just about every page, beginning with Barbie's creation in 1959 by Barbara Millicent Roberts, greatly inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Sandra Dee in "a combination of femininity and beauty.""

    The Hamptons
    Michael Clinton


    "Book Spotlight: The Hamptons: The Snap Series" From a Yellow House

    "All of the gorgeous pictures bring thoughts of past summers at the beach to mind. Even if you've never visited the Hamptons like myself, I think you'll find that Clinton does an excellent job of making readers feel a familiarity in recalling past trips to the shore everywhere. This book is definitely a celebration of the Hamptons though and the character of the place truly comes through. The Hamptons: The Snaps Series is great for anyone who loves art, photography, or indeed the Hamptons." 

    "Michael Clinton Photographs a Different Side of the Hamptons" 27east

    The president of marketing and the publishing director of Hearst Magazines is about to release his seventh photography book, “The Hamptons.” The book, which hit shelves Monday, July 4, is the first in “The Snap Series,” which will chronicle Mr. Clinton’s trips all around the world. “The Hamptons” features more than 250 pages of photos and descriptions of eye-catching settings and events from Shinnecock to Montauk.


    HER: Meditations on Being Female
    Marjorie Salvaterra


    “Crème de la Femme” Supervistarama Colorscope

    “Throughout the 144 lavish glossy pages are 75 of Salvaterra’s prime addictive creations (some accessible via deluxe foldouts), each boldly, merrily skipping along the Plath to inspired insanity...

    Some of my favorites are included below, and comprise Sheila’s Leap of Faith, wherein the author’s model of choice dances with glee through a tsunami of Jacqueline Susann dolls; Sheila’s shielding herself with an umbrella at last brilliantly draws the fine line between Gene Kelly and Judy Garland.  Sheila Goes to Market fastidiously captures the housewife grocery experience in all its Stepford glory (and in early/mid-1960s garb).  And Mother Two chronicles that undeniable special bond between mater and daughter."

    “Marjorie Salvaterra: HER: Meditations on Being Female” Lenscrach

    “Photographic Artist Marjorie Salvaterra h as created a unique recipe for the perfect visual cocktail. One part Fellini, one part Mom, one part Actress, a splash of Hollywood, a twist of irony, rimmed with a salty sense of humor, definitely shaken, not stirred and poured into an icy glass of self-awareness.  This delicious concoction is being celebrated in a new monograph, HER: Meditations on Being Female, published by Glitterati Incorporated.”

    “Marjorie Salvaterr: HER, Meditations on Being Female” L’Oeil de la Photographie

    “In chaotically stunning portraits, HER captures the essence of the inner struggles of every woman. The stunning black-and-white images truly allows rage, encourages body acceptance, explores creativity, and essentially breaks the façade of female perfection and provides insights into the pressures that women face every day. Many of the portraits are quite humorous, whimsical, and highlight the universal experience of being a woman.

    HER strips away the pretense of flawlessness picture by picture, displaying dark whimsy using simple yet evocative props such as wigs, umbrellas, and straitjackets, revealing the raw intimacy of women struggling against their senses of self and societal expectations.”

    Horse/Human: An Emotional Bond
    Bob Tabor

    “Photo Book Reviews” Apogee Photo Magazine

    “When does a photograph become a sculpture on paper? How does something as beautiful as a horse with muscles rippling and mane and tail flying become something so stunning? In this book, Bob Tabor, an extraordinary photographer, creates images in a minimalistic style that will take your breath away. Whether it is the arch of the neck, a single eye peeking out from under the mane or the entire animal galloping across the page, the images are unbelievable.

    Tabor understands photography and has a connection with horses that is unmistakable and obviously quite personal. Whether you are a horse fan or not, you have to look at these photographs and sit back and say “Wow!””

     The Malkovich Sessions
    Sandro Miller

    “The Malkovich Sessions by Sandro Miller” L’Oeil de la Photographie

    “Over the course of 17 years, award-winning photographer Sandro Miller and inimitable actor John Malkovich combined their larger-than-life personas and talents to produce a series of portraits and films, most notably those that reconstruct the most iconic images in photographic history, in their Homage series. Others in the collection here capture the genius and range of Malkovich’s acting ability in distinctive portraits as well as in film works.”

    “John Malkovich Poses as Iconic Women” OUT Magazine

    "Sandro Miller's The Malkovich Sessions (Glitterati Incorporated, $95) is an epic curio of a monograph that marks 17 years of collaboration. Miller captures Malkovich in dozens of portraits, from the classic to the candid, but the highlights are Malkovich's interpretations of iconic photographs, from Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother to Bert Stern's beloved shots of Marilyn Monroe...Miller's doorstopper offers a full-circle pop-culture moment, as we go from Being John Malkovich to John Malkovich...being everyone else."

    “John Malkovich Interview: ‘I don’t see myself as a celebrity, more like a blank page” The London Evening Standard

    "He loves undressing almost as much as dressing up, as is evident from The Malkovich Sessions, a lavish new book of photographs of Malkovich taken over 17 years by American photographer Sandro Miller. In the section titled Homage, Malko poses for Miller in a series of spookily familiar iconic portraits: Malko as Dali, Malko as Marilyn, Malko as Lennon, Malko as Diane Arbus’s Identical Twins. Malko, ever the chameleon. Even the portrait of Malko as Malko, dressed in a Chinese green silk suit, sees him blend into the green background."

    My Elizabeth
    Firooz Zahedi

    “A Dazzling New Memoir Reveals Elizabeth Taylor’s Intimate Side” Vanity Fair

    " By 40, Taylor was an icon. Still enchanting men, she was the first actress to shatter Hollywood’s notoriously thick glass ceiling: for Cleopatra—a film that, ironically, almost bankrupted 20th Century Fox—she was to be paid what was then the astronomical sum of $1 million dollars. Firooz Zahedi’s spectacular new book, My Elizabeth, has changed all that. Filled with dazzling images and a wealth of intimate detail, this revealing photographic memoir should be on every coffee table. "

    “What Happened the Day Elizabeth Taylor Went Hitchhiking – And Other Stories From Her Hidden Life” People Magazine

    She was one of the most beautiful and glamorous women of all time but to Firooz Zahedi, his friend Elizabeth Taylor was just "low-key" Elizabeth, a "hippie," humanitarian – and hitchhiker. 
    Zahedi explores the legend's off-screen life in his intimate new photographic memoir, My Elizabeth, which contains many never-before-published pictures and fascinating glimpses into the woman behind the movie marquees, multiple husbands and precious jewels. 

    A Glimpse Into Elizabeth Taylor’s Personal World” Barney’s ‘The Window’

    “Elizabeth Taylor was no stranger to the spotlight. With her violet-blue eyes and a life that was just as dramatic off the screen as it was in her films, her persona endures as one of the most iconic Hollywood stars of all time. But what about the woman behind that persona? The lighthearted, fun-loving, and down-to-earth spirit her friends knew when she stepped out of the limelight? Thanks to a new book by photographer Firooz Zahedi, we’re getting a firsthand look at the personal life of the friend known to him as My Elizabeth.”

    Rubbing Shoulders: My Life with Popes, Princes, Moguls, and Movie Stars
    Marc Rosen

    “A Special Life” Quest Magazine

    "Rosen has also been fortunate enough to cross paths with many interesting people. So many, in fact, that he’s recently written a book about his encounters called Rubbing Shoulders. “It’s kind of a fun summer-reading book,” he says. “Most of the stories I just enjoyed reading out loud. The real challenge was to sustain my voice, but I tried to write it through the eyes of someone who had a bit of wonderment.” 

    “Rubbing Shoulders with Marc Rosen” Richard Skipper

    "It is a memoir called aptly Rubbing Shoulders. On Saturday afternoon, May 7th, Ned Kelly in Piermont is having a book signing to celebrate this great book. When I called to get the book, Ned said to me, "You won't be able to put it down!" He was right!"”

    “Prince Rainer Stifled a Plan of wife Grace Kelly to Manufacture Chachkas in Monte Carlo, says New Book” Orb Magazine

    "Rubbing Shoulders is not a conventional memoir, it is a drive-by shooting—a smart and sassy compilation of insights into famous people we thought we knew."


    Fall 2015

    An Embarrassment of Riches

    Adrian Buckmaster


    “Adrian Buckmaster’s Fantastical An Embarrassment of Riches Delivers Exactly That” OUT Magazine

    “Featuring a foreword by New York nightlife legend Susanne Bartsch (who observes, “Buckmaster shows us that the public face of an entertainer is just one facet of an individual who is far more fascinating when we see them as a whole human being"), An Embarrassment of Riches lives up to its title, with 295 black-and-white and color photographs scattered across an epic 272 pages. It concludes with a series of wildly inventive pictures of the creations and cohorts of Muffinhead, an extraordinarily over-the-top costume artist whose work suggests Lewis Carroll as seen through intoxicated eyes.  Says Muffinhead, “I think the photos catch what I am: a carousel of profundity and total stupidity. I hope what they ultimately do is to tell the truth.””

    “Profile | Adrian Buckmaster” Crave Online

    “Three hundred of his works have been selected for An Embarrassment of Riches (Glitterati Incorporated), Buckmaster’s first book. The photographs recall the work of great portrait artists of times long ago, of equal parts John Singer Sargent and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, revealing a painterly mastery of the medium. At the same time we see the world in which we live, where Victorian ruffles cover beautifully tattooed skin, providing a physically and psychologically intimate look at the underground New York burlesque scene.”

    “Book Review: An Embarrassment of Riches by Adrian Buckmaster (Glitterati)” Shutterhub

    " This book from beginning to end is a celebration of individuality in its most beautiful form.  We are being exposed to each personality; it opens up the mind to another world, one of costumes, dexterity, contortionists and the unconventional, while elegantly playing with the boundaries of masculinity, feminism and sexuality.  Each photograph is unveiling it’s own individual and unique story, from the edgy to the classic with a high level of sophistication. " 

    Chasing Dragons

    Bill Hayward

    “Bill Hayward: Chasing Dragons, An Uncommon Memoir in Photographs” L’Oeil de la Photographie

    “Presented here is a stunning visual autobiography, chronicling more than five decades of artistic vision. In this impressive, autobiographical tour de force, artist Bill Hayward presents more than five decades of visual artwork alongside his own personal narrative—his musings on childhood experiences, moments of epiphany, and the fragments of literature that have inspired him along the way.”

    “Chasing Dragons [Review]” Jeffery Saddoris  

    Chasing Dragons is one of the more unique books in my library in that it challenges and inspires me on a number of levels. It’s not a traditional photo book per se, despite the fact that the work is deeply rooted in traditional photography. Nor is it what you would typically call an art book, though the work is, at least in my opinion, fine art. It’s more of a poetic expression, a chromatic equation of sorts, whose sum total is yet to be realized while so many variables are still in motion. Mr. Hayward is a poet, a photographer, a painter, and perhaps a shaman who has created a fantastic body of work—one that will capture the interest of artists and technicians alike.”

    Inner Constellations

    Maïmouna Guerresi


    “Maïmouna Guerresi’s Mystical Portraiture” The New Yorker

    “These photographs—which are collected in a new book, “Inner Constellations”—convey a feeling that is simultaneously disconcerting and serene. They are portraits that capture not individual personalities but the conjunction of the individual with something greater.”

    “Mystical Portraits, From Africa to Italy” New York Magazine, The Cut

    Guerresi meticulously directs each element of her photos, starting with the sets. After scouting a location (shoots have taken place in Italy, Africa, and India), she finds a wall, paints it, and accents it with writing and iconography from the Quran. Then, she places her subjects, who are mostly family and friends, atop contraptions like iron structures and mini sets of stairs. "The idea is suspension," she told the Cut from her home in Northern Italy. Bodies should hope to one day float in the air, her translator explained, which is why another series of her photos has her subjects in sky-reaching hats in the form of minarets.”

    “Books | Maïmouna Guerresi: Inner Constellations” Crave Online

    " The cumulative effect of Guerresi’s photographs is a blurring of the boundaries between what the real and the fantastical. In her work we perceive a sense of being that extends beyond the limitations of the physical form, a place we visit when we dream and assume a new way of perceiving the Oneness of the world. Inner Constellations charts the path we all share, an internal landscape, a space that exists between the sacred and the profane, the passage between light and dark, between life and death. It is the mystery we carry within us every day we are on this earth." 

    See The World Beautiful

    Anne Menke



    “See The World Beautiful: Photographer Anne Menke’s New Book Documents the Roots of Fashion” Harper’s Bazaar

    Traveling the globe to shoot fashion spreads, German-born photographer Anne Menke has captured beautiful people on almost every continent. In her new book, See the World Beautiful, out this month, Menke explores just how fashion and art collide by training her lens on indigenous cultures across the world. Complete with a forward by Tommy Hilfiger, Menke's tome displays joyous pilgrimages in India, festivals in Mongolia, and harvests in the Andes, capturing the interconnectedness of these seemingly disparate cultures.”

    “Vogue photographer scours the world for stylish people and finds incredible Samburu collars in Kenya, isolated mountain men in Peru and winged horses in Argentina” Daily Mail

    From Peruvians in flamboyant cerise and gold skirts to Kenya's Samburu people in their crimson cloaks and beaded collars, the world has no shortage of natty dressers. One woman who knows exactly where to find them is Anne Menke, a Vogue photographer turned traveller who in 2012, scoured the world for stylish citizens… 'Between fashion shoots for Vogue, Condé Nast Traveler and other magazines, I was lucky enough to glimpse the beauty of indigenous cultures – their immensely differing, but each in its own way traditional, iconographies, architectural modes, and styles of dressing. 'Meeting people with such wildly dissimilar references and exploring new socio-cultural terrain is the source and inspiration of my life. To be able to share that with the world is an incredible gift.'”

    “The World Seen Through The Lens Of Anne Menke is Definitely BeautifulCause and Yvette

    “Anne Menke’s approach to travel + fashion photography has always been with a careful eye for location, location, location.   Sought after by industry heavies including Condé Nast Traveler + GQ to find exotic locations for fashion shoots, came naturally as an expert global explorer + anthropologist of sorts.  Able to create narratives through her lens, in ‘See The World Beautiful’ by Anne Menke, published by Glitterati Incorporated, through Menke’s photography, you get to dive in, head first, into a world of faraway places punctuated by it’s people + surroundings, always with the feeling of being part of it all.  Colleague Julia Chaplin, a New York based journalist + editor who covers contemporary art, fashion, design, lifestyle, + travel, refers to Anne’s work as, ’Nobody wants to be a tourist.  It’s way better to be a spontaneous houseguest.  And this is how Anne’s images made me feel.’”


    Ten Years in Pictures

    Paul Solberg


    “Paul Solberg – Ten Years in Pictures, Lifetimes in Print” Rooms Magazine

    “From Vietnam to Cairo to Sicily to Jordan, the book reads as a world portrait where the parts make up the whole but each part stands alone with a poetic, poignant, potency. Solberg hones in on the intricacies in his anthropological portraits; choosing to capture the subtler details of expression of culture and humanity. Instead of cataloguing these subjects with a flat, documentary, objectivity, he infuses these details with a joy, a poignancy and a simple reflectiveness. Through his photographs, we see “a world in which Solberg lives, and wishes we could all live”. There is a sense of standing in the shoes of Solberg when looking at his photographs; seeing the subject through not only his lens, but his eyes; with a universal awe and wonder.

    “Ten Years of Photography by Paul Solberg” L’Oeil de la Photographie

    Ten Years in Pictures also includes artworks as diverse as soulful animal portraits, an intimate portrait of Ai Weiwei, and haunting faces of America’s Armed Forces from Solberg’s Service series. Each photograph takes the viewer on an escape into another world. The book is sequenced in a deliberate, thought-provoking way, often emphasizing the sculptural quality of many of Solberg’s photographs. This is Paul Solberg’s fifth book of photography, his first book being Bloom (Glitterati Incorporated 2005). Paul Solberg’s photography is geographically and topically varied, while remaining consistently captivating.”