House Proud: Unique Home Design/Lousiana

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"Valorie Hart is an experienced New Orleans based interior designer and decorator, and writes the design blog “The Visual Vamp“. Her book, House Proud: Unique Home Design, Louisiana is “about loving a house so much that it loves you back”, says Debra Shriver from the homes in the state of Louisiana, is much more than a design book. It’s a story about family and friends, culture and heritage."

"One of Rue's favorite designer s takes us on a tour of Louisiana's most fashionable (and beyond beautiful) homes."

"Interior decorator, blogger and Houzz contributor Valorie Hart has amassed an exuberant collection of photos of extraordinary homes from the Bayou State in her new book, House Proud: Unique Home Design, Louisiana (Glitterati, 2013). She lets us peek into homes that any New Orleans tourist or resident would love to get inside."
"With Louisiana just a couple of hours away where I lived in Southeast Texas, there’s an unmistakable air of the Bayou lifestyle; from the food to the Cajun slang. What you don’t see though is the French-inspired architecture and homes that speak of unique stories like the ones you see in New Orleans. I am a big NOLA fan! I clearly had the best Rum bread pudding here and they make the best hurricane drinks as well; but most of all, I’m in love with the cobblestone walkways where you can catch a ghost tour anytime of the week, the quaint stores in the Garden District and the lovely homes, from palatial French-inspired to Grand Victorians, Greek-revivals to shotgun houses. All that and more is featured in the book by Interior Designer Valorie Hart."

"Pride may be one of the seven deadly sins, but in comparison to greed, gluttony, wrath and the other more sordid vices, it seems rather mild. Really, what's wrong with being a little proud of something you've loved, nurtured and worked hard to get just right? New Orleans designer Valorie Hart's debut book, "House Proud," with photographer Sara Essex Bradley, makes the case - in 192 pages of lovingly decorated Louisiana homes - that pride of place is not only admirable, it's beautiful."