Homage: Encounters with the East

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"And with India so much in the news, pick up the Christian Peltenburg-Brechneffexotic of watercolors and etchings, "Homage: Encounters With the East." The page of the Taj Mahal alone is worth it! I note the artist's warm tribute inside to his late friend Nadia Younes, who was killed when UN headquarters in Baghdad were bombed early in this horrible war."
"Returning to Sikkim, in India’s far north— the core of her novel The Inheritance of Loss—Kiran Desai reflects on the beauty, violence, and spirituality of a misty Himalayan realm, where nature ultimately dwarfs all human concerns. Illustrated by Christian Peltenburgbrechneff."
"Das Flug zeug ist sein Transportmittel und Pastell stifte sind seine ständigen Begleiter. SWISS Universe sprach mit Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff über seine Kunst, seine Reiselust und seine Liebe zur Natur."
"Their friend, the artist Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff was having a booksigning forhis “Homage, Encounters With the East,” a volume of drawings and water colors done by the artist on his journeys through the Far East."