HER: Meditations on Being Female

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"This empowering work opens up a lively debate about photography’s current relationship with the representation of raw (often aging) femininity, something often brushed under the carpet." 

"In a series of surreal black-and-white photographs, the Los Angeles photographer Marjorie Salvaterra captured generations of women in staged, dramatic poses — at the laundromat, poolside and in the ocean, and in luminous cornfields. The women are young, weathered, of all shapes and sizes, but they all feel authentic."

"HER strips away the pretense of flawlessness picture by picture, displaying dark whimsy using simple yet evocative props such as wigs, umbrellas, and straitjackets, revealing the raw intimacy of women struggling against their senses of self and societal expectations."

"It feels redundant to say that HER: Meditations on Being Female is "empowering," but damn if that's not what it is!  Drawing inspiration from the visceral portraits of Cindy Sherman, in addition to the lavish surrealism of Federico Fellini, Salvaterra's photographs are a riotous celebration of what it means to be a woman. Through Salvaterra's lens, you are able to put yourself into the shoes of her characters, while simultaneously aspiring to be more like them."

"Photographic Artist Marjorie Salvaterra has created a unique recipe for the perfect visual cocktail. One part Fellini, one part Mom, one part Actress, a splash of Hollywood, a twist of irony, rimmed with a salty sense of humor, definitely shaken, not stirred and poured into an icy glass of self-awareness."

"“In Her, Marjorie Salvaterra allows us to see who she is, as she is, a 43-year-old woman. She makes herself more than visible. Through her camera lens, she makes herself, and a number of other women, seen and heard. This astonishing collection of photographs is more than documentary. The images herein are strange, unexpected, whimsical, provocative… Indeed, to follow each of the images in Her is a journey into womanhood, a journey with innumerable destinations, and one that left me, and hopefully everyone who takes in this collection, shouting, to all the joyfully imperfect hers to be found in Her and beyond: I see you.”

"With black humor and very few accessories, but evocative such as wigs, umbrellas and even straitjackets, Marjorie Salvaterra reveals the pressures that women face every day. Those of age, perfection, zero defect etc ...These amazing and sometimes provocative photographs express rage, the struggle of many women against the archetypes, encouraging them also to accept their bodies and ultimately to accept." 

"The photographs in HER are at once wildly exaggerated and deeply honest in their portrayal of women's experiences as mothers, daughters, partners, and agents of their own ambitions. Drawing on Italian cinema, fashion photography, and advertising imagery, HER explores the psychology of age and gender and challenges us to rethink a notion of femininity predicated on perfection."

"But in ‘HER: Meditations On Being Female’ by Marjorie Salvattera copyright ©2016, published by Glitterati Incorporated, you get swept away on this personal journey of one woman’s quest of self-exploration. Now, such exploration knows no gender, since most humans are constantly evolving with every new person met or any new thing learned, to cause a transformation of said person, yet for this book, the reader is forced to assume the guise of a woman, in this case, that of Salvaterra. " 

          “a beautifully produced coffee table photo volume... [a] hilarious look at relationships, feminism and American life in the crashed lane.  I can’t get by one week without picking Her up (so to speak) and laughing like a loon.  And, oy vey, do we need that now!”