Freeze Frame: Second Cut

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"To mark 60 years in the business, Kirkland is releasing a 10th-anniversary expanded edition of one of his best-selling collections. Featuring additional photographs and new accompanying text, "Freeze Frame: Second Cut" is a compilation of 590 photographs of intimate film scenes and candid celebrity portraits."

"He has authored photography books on Monroe, Chanel and Michael Jackson and “Freeze Frame,” a decade-by-decade look behind the scenes of 50 years photographing the entertainment industry."

"From Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Taylor to Baz Luhrmann and Coco Chanel, this exquisite celebrity photographer truly understands the balance between glitz and glamour while providing honesty and insight into his work."

"His new book Freeze Frame: Second Cut, published by Glitterati, documents 50 years of his best on-set photography, featuring iconic actors and actresses from the 1960s to the 2000s...Some images appear alongside Kirkland’s own memories of working with some of Hollywood’s most famous faces."

"With work expanding from Brigette Bardot to Angelina Jolie and Diana Ross, Kirkland is undoubtedly an icon when it comes to capturing the complexity of film-making."

"Kirkland’s photographs and the stories he tells about his subjects stir nostalgia for a time when Hollywood was, if not more innocent, then at least a lot more relaxed and generous to photographers. Kirkland made the most of it, basking in the fun he had on the fringes of the limelight for more than five decades."

"One of the most widely respected American photo essayists, portraitists and magazine shooters, Kirkland has always brought his worldliness and sense of glamour to the backlot..."

"Frozen in time: An expanded edition of photographs by Douglas Kirkland, will go on sale next month. Freeze Frame: Second Cut features many of Hollywood’s greats, including Michael Caine who starred with Michelle Johnson in Blame it on Rio; Twiggy in The Boy Friend; and Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland larking about in Rome."

"Freeze Frame: Second Cut... is a glamorous volume in a luxurious oversized format, chock-full of amazing portraits of the most illustrious and talented movie stars, directors, and performers from the last half-century of movie-making. Going beyond the first edition, this expansion of Kirkland’s Freeze Frame features more than 190 new photographs and includes exclusive tales of behind-the-scenes action on the sets of the biggest Hollywood films in the past 50 years."

"The backstories are lively and serve to humanize (Kirkland's) many larger-than-life subjects. This book is a treasure trove for classic movie fans and photography buffs."

"... in many ways Freeze Frame is a dream book. In its pages are the objects of desire for most of the world over the last half-century."