Everything: Black and White Monograph

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"The images collected here are from Everything Makos, weighing in at 352 pages, with 248 photographs. Included here are iconic Makos images of Georgia O’Keefe, Halston, Liza Minelli, John Lennon, Tennessee Williams, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lou Reed, Andy Warhol, Elizabeth Taylor, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Pedro Almodóvar, Marilyn Chambers, Mick Jagger, as well as many never-before-published images of Vanna White, Erté, Quentin Crisp, Queen Elizabeth II, Michael Jackson."

"Paris took on an aura of Eighties downtown New York on Friday night as two legends of the city’s underground arts scene presented clothing collaborations."

"An expanded version White Trash, Makos’ legendary 1977 book, was reissued by Glitterati in June, and this season they’ve published another retrospective of the photographer’s work, Everything: The Black and White Monograph."

"Legendary photographer Christopher Makos presents his latest luxurious edition, dedicated to all photography enthusiasts. Everything: the Black and White Monograph is a retrospective in Makos' amazing 30-year career, a journey of glamour, amazing travels and collaborations with the most exciting personas from the fields of arts, cinema, music and fashion. Through 352 pages and 248 strictly black and white photographs, the artist narrates some of his restless life's most memorable moments and experiences. Landscapes, portraits, nudes, snapshots, studio shots and animals from various global corners like Morocco, Mallorca, Moscow, Palm Springs, Ascot and more, become his visual autobiography since 1973."

"American photographer Christopher Makos has released a new book featuring stunning celebrity photographs taken over the past three decades."

"Everything, by photographer Christopher Makos, is the newest book from Glitterati detailing his work from 1973 to today. The minute you hold it in your hands you know it is going to be very special. Thick hardback cotton cover with deep letter embossing, heavy with over 300 pages and binded and presented perfectly.The whole collection of  black and white images just keeps on giving. The photographic record over time that he has produced of film and rock stars, friends, artists, the everyday places and events attended show such a deep bond with who he is photographing, where he is photographing and how he sees the world around him."

"This incredible book is perfectly titled because there is a bit of everything seemingly within its pages. I know that it's impossible to photograph everything, but the vibe of the book makes you feel as if you're looking at a day in the life of the planet in a way."

"As with all bodies of work, the variety and breadth of the subject matter is compelling and it certainly verifies his philosophy about the opportunities in photography.  He has pushed the boundaries in this lovely collection for the modern art student and photographer to enjoy and study in depth."