Enlightened Blooms: Solarized Diptych Floral Photographs

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"Sometimes there are color reversals of stark white tree trunks against multi-colored Jackson Pollock-style backgrounds of the weeping cherry or Georgia O’Keeffe looking roses....This stunning, artistic book would be cherished by lovers of photography and flora as it shows expressive arrangements that engage the viewer to stop, slow down, and observe God’s beautiful creations that surround us every day."

“The results are published in the beautiful Enlightened Blooms (Glitterati Incorporated), a book which presents a highly saturated, almost neon vision of flowers, as though seen through an acid-trip lens. Published by Glitterati whose highly original books are produced absolutely impeccably, this is definitely one for the Jean-Michel Frank coffee table… put it beside Man Ray Portraits."

"In this book, Brad desired and has succeeded in presenting to us, from an array of thousands of floral images taken, diptychs of flowers in a uniquely new perspective. These few chosen images cannot begin to convey the beauty and enchantment of this book. After a long winter, what could be more satisfying and awe- inspiring than to page through hundreds of flowers that glow from within with an almost indescribable magic."

"Oliphant’s collection is a treasure for lovers of botany and photography alike, along with anyone who has ever marveled at the elegant forms of the natural world. In Oliphant’s own words, ‘We walk down a city block fixated on our problems and our work, and all the while there’s beauty passing by’” With true artistic and technical mastery, Oliphant encourages a deeper appreciation of the beauty that continuously surrounds us."

"The title refers to both Oliphant’s process of desaturation and solarization and to the final effects he achieves—images of the same flower, photos in reverse across a double page, the same image in different shades, colors, size, focus and mood, depending on amount of exposure to light.Certainly paintings will come to mind—a series on a weeping cherry that resembles a Jackson Pollock, a calla lily and a red heart hibiscus that recall the anatomical erotica of Georgia O’Keeffe, flower patterns that look like medical pictures—IV drips in a bleeding heart, neurons in a spider orchid, cells in a rosa amascene, one kind of art teased into suggesting another."

"Enlightened Blooms is an extraordinary collection of fine art images with the subject of flowers.   The images are presented in a side-by-side format (diptych) that have been transformed through the use of a solarization process.  The result is an exquisite comparison between reality and Oliphant’s dynamic and creative explorations.  And this generates excitement and anticipation that will keep one turning the pages in awe."

“Enlightened Blooms is former New York fashion photographers Brad Oliphant’s first published book of work with a forward by the author Russell Hart. Using his love of colour, Oliphant has created a body of work that brings the reader 37 diptyches of various flowers all uniquely processed using solarization techniques.The images he has created are so vibrant and beautiful. Each of the various images are laid out across the page and they fill the viewer’s eyes with distorted bright colors. Oliphant mentions he sees a child like beauty within his everyday life and his images. He mentions that beauty is all around us especially within nature, you just have to know where to look.”