Edwinda Sandys ART

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"Edwina Sandys has won attention and acclaim for works such as “The Marriage Bed,” a full-sized metal bed divided with nails and red roses. Or there’s her controversial bronze sculpture “Christa,” portraying a female Christ on a cross."
"Her grandfather Winston Churchill turned to painting after saving the world. Edwina Sandys’s own path in life took her directly to art. In 1975, Sandys caused near apoplexy in some circles with her sculpture of a female Christ. Installed in the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine during Holy Week in 1984, “Christa” made her famous."
"Parties exploded like a string of firecrackers for Edwina Sandys’s book, Art, a retrospective of her vivid prints and sculptures published by Gliiterati. Sandys, a Brit, has lived in Manhattan for many decades, and quite possibly moved here to avoid being forever identified as the grand-daughter of Winston Churchill, but if so, fruitfully."     
"Manhattan has gone dotty for a new book on Edwina Sandys, the flame-haired painter, sculptor and granddaughter of Winston Churchill."
"From treats for two-year-olds to a history of tombs, from the court of Henry VIII to the letter of Samuel Beckett, 2011 has produced plenty of absorbing reading."
"Edwina Sandys, the granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill and an internationally renowned sculptor, is visiting Israel on the lookout for a venue for a statue."
"Sir Winston Churchill’s artist granddaughter, Edwina Sandys, launched a huge glossy book of her paintings and sculpture at the Churchill War Rooms last night."
"One thing you can count on when faced with a work of art by Edwina Sandys is that there’s a smile buried in there somewhere. You can see it in her figures’ sly expression, in the embedded jokes and in the unexpected takes on familiar subjects throughout the retrospective exhibition at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach."
"I had never visited the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden; having been under the misconception that it is was an appendage to the Norton Museum. It is Not. It is the former home of Ralph Hubbard Norton (founder of the Norton Museum) and his second wife, Ann. She was a significant modern artist in the 40’s through the 7 0’s and turned her house, studio and glorious gardens into a museum to display her sculptures, many created in bricks, others in stone and wood, all mammoth in size. Mrs. Norton’s other passion was trees and tropical plants. The magnificent garden serves as home for both. A visit is a feast for the eyes."
"On a recent visit to Israel, legendary sculptress Edwina Sandys, toured the country looking for an appropriate location for her next project, called Circle, a monumental sculpture which celebrates the advancement of women. It will be Sandys’ first sculpture to stand in Israel."