Chasing Dragons

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Chasing Dragons: An Uncommon Memoir in Photographs by Bill Hayward tells the story of one artist’s quest for self-discovery and new modes of expression, tracing the evolution of photographer Hayward’s work from traditional portraiture to increasingly abstract and altered images, figurative paintings, dance, performance, and film.

“Presented here is a stunning visual autobiography, chronicling more than five decades of artistic vision. In this impressive, autobiographical tour de force, artist Bill Hayward presents more than five decades of visual artwork alongside his own personal narrative—his musings on childhood experiences, moments of epiphany, and the fragments of literature that have inspired him along the way.”

"They say you can’t tell a book by its cover, except when you can. The moment I opened the plain brown box from Glitterati and saw the jacket of Chasing Dragons, I had a feeling that this work was going to speak to me… Chasing Dragons is one of the more unique books in my library in that it challenges and inspires me on a number of levels…  Mr. Hayward is a poet, a photographer, a painter, and perhaps a shaman who has created a fantastic body of work—one that will capture the interest of artists and technicians alike."