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"You don’t have to be Hugh Hefner to get excited about Hunt Slonem’s bunnies. Each day, the artist warms up by painting rabbits even Beatrix Potter would envy. Now, just in time for Easter, there’s a whole coffee-table book of them: Glitterati’s “Bunnies,” with a foreword by John Berendt."

"New York artist Hunt Slonem seems as mesmerized by rabbit as the boys and girls of New Orleans back in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Slonem, a Tulane University graduate who visits the city monthly and had restored two Louisiana plantations, wakes every morning and warms up by painting rabbits. Now, Glitterati Incorporated has collected dozens of Slonem’s rabbit images in “Bunnies,” a sumptuous, large-scale book alive with gold pages and vivid color."

"Amidst Hunt Slonem’s murals, hundreds of paintings and sculptures in his cavernous 30,000-square-foot space, one thing is clear – the artist likes to go big."

"Exciting, unexpected, realistic, impressionistic, abstract—the bunny paintings of celebrated artist Hunt Slonem have something for everyone. Slonem’s paintings as a collection appear here in this beautiful book for the first time in Bunnies, a treasury of enchanting works that are at once pop culture and fine art."

"Though he’s not hunting for rabbits (or wabbits) like Elmer Fudd, painter Hunt Slonem does a better job at capturing them. While Elmer Fudd constantly messes up in his attempt to turn Bugs into bunny stew, Hunt Slonem wakes up every morning and captures bunnies on canvas. These warm-ups are, as John Berendt calls them, “the artistic equivalent of calisthenics in which he flexes his painting apparatus to establish control over the colors, shapes, and textures that flow from his mind’s eye through his arm, hand, and brush on the painted surface.""

"If I had to sum artist Hunt Slonem into one word, it'd be "Exotic." Because that's what he said. We spoke on the phone last week in preparation for his show opening at the Millery Gallery on Friday, May 30 (another coup in a long list for gallery owners Laura Miller & Gary Gleason). Slonem's art has been shown in well over 200 museums around the world, including the Guggenheim, the Whitney, the Metropolitan Museum of Art; and his work is privately held by some pretty well known celebrities."

"Maine-born artist Hunt Slonem’s whimsical rabbit paintings – on display at Boston’s DTR Modern Galleries through mid-June – fill the pages of Bunnies, which features contributions from writers John Berendt and Bruce Helander."

"With a lifestyle as colorful as his oil paintings, the New York-based Hunt Slonem has generated much ballyhoo. Collectors, museums, and gallerists can’t get enough of his vivid portraits and playful depictions."

"The bunnies are coming! The bunnies are coming!  I am absolutely beside myself with excitement.  I find the bright, elegant bunny paintings by the talented artist Hunt Slonem to be some of the art I most consistently enjoy.  I never tire of them.  Hunt’s newest collection of bunnies is being shown at Gremillion Fine Art. They are each beauty and joy personified."

"New York City artist Hunt Slonem whose works are collected by celebrities including Cameron Diaz and is known for his paintings of plants and landscapes, architecture and saints, birds and butterflies, drew art aficionados and lapin lovers to a signing of his new art book and exhibition at the Serge Sorokko Gallery in San Francisco on Thursday."

"Hunt Slonem’s Bunnies book signing at Paul Smith has some Baldwins (Alec, Hilaria, and baby Carmen) show up to enjoy the artist’s new book."