Bullfight: The Pas de Deux

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"Romanticized in other places (Hemingway and Lorca), here the camera vividly captures the balletic interplay between matador and bull. The images are lush and in some instances nearly abstractly expressionistic (think Motherwell and Rothko) as the "pas de deux" action melts the borders of its subjects."

"The following is an excerpt from Bullfight: The Pas de Deux by Ricardo B. Sanchez, out now from Glitterati: A bullfight is above all about the demonstration of style, technique, and courage displayed by its participants. While there is usually little doubt about the outcome, the bull is not viewed as a sacrificial victim – it is instead seen by the audience as a worthy adversary, deserving of respect in its own right."

"This book is about art, photography, things unseen, thoughts unthought, managing fear, and, oh, bulls."