Bullfight: Paintings and Works on Paper

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"The bulky and elegant edition features over 170 paintings and drawings inspired by bullfighting. This is his second book featuring thematic compilations of his work, after last year’s critically acclaimed Circus. Bullfight includes a foreword by the current President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, and an introduction by the late American journalist Curtis Bill Pepper."

"Regal matadors, eager picadors, exquisite bulls, crowds of anxious spectators, elegant flamenco dancers— Bullfight features more than 140 oil paintings and 35 drawings, by Fernando Botero, providing a gorgeous look at the artist’s iconic subject, the tauromaquia, or bullfight." 

"Seis décadas después, unas 140 pinturas al óleo y 35 dibujos del artista colombiano han sido seleccionados para dar forma al libro Bullfight, una recopilación única que ofrece una visión completa del tema más icónico de Botero, la tauromaquia."