Brad Oliphant

With over forty years of experience, Brad Oliphant stands at the frontline of fine art photography. His body of work spans the fields of fashion, commercial, and nature photography, and includes a smorgasbord of collections, ranging from florals to landscapes, angelic works to macro. Brad holds a BFA in photography from the University of North Texas, along with a long list of credits, awards, and gallery exhibitions. Having worked in fashion for twelve years, Brad’s work has been featured by Dolce & Gabbana, Marie Claire, Ink, Flick, La Estetica, and Zink, among others. When his love for the fashion industry diminished and left him questioning where to go next, Brad turned to nature and quickly became aware that he had found his true love. Shooting nature and fine arts photography has become Brad’s chosen path, and his objective is to inspire others with the grace and essence of spirit that lives and breathes in nature.