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"In Slonem’s world, nature and art are inexorably entwined as are fine and decorative art. His painting is dependent on surrounding himself with the things he loves, both as creative inspiration and spiritual nourishment."

"Published by Gliteratti, the 270-page hardcover tome is a vibrant follow-up to Bunnies (incidentally, Slonem was born in the Year of the Rabbit), and pays homage to cockatoos, lorikeets, peacocks, macaws and cardinals, among other feathered fowl."

"I find inspiration everywhere, but nothing sparks more ideas than travel. New concepts for my work emerge every time I go away. These new experiences influence my perspective on everything from color and technique to subject matter and scale."

"(Birds) are also the subject of a new monograph, titled Birds, that gathers together over 180 of Slonem’s paintings of feathered beings in one sumptuous tome—and they adorn almost every surface of the artist’s cavernous, 35,000-square-foot Brooklyn studio."

"My passion for birds started when I was a kid in Hawaii – I just fell in love with them. Some people like dogs, but I'm a bird person – birds and orchids. I would sit on the porch with my parakeets as an elementary school kid."

        • "Flockstar" Manhattan
          "Working out of his massive 35,000 square-foot Brooklyn studio... Slonem pays homage to winged creatures of all shades, shapes and sizes. 'I've created an indoor jungle of sorts," he says of his atelier-turned-aviary."
          • "Birds" Mrs. Mommy Booknerd Book Reviews
          "Dramatic and vivid, Slonem’s avian subjects seem unconfined to a flat surface, brimming as they are with texture and movement. The compelling nature of these paintings lies in the tension between the birds’ ability to soar and their often captive state (though Slonem’s own birds are often spotted flying around his studio).

          " sure to make a delightful gift for anyone who loves birds, color, patterns, texture, and fashion. But if not for someone else, it’s sure to breathe new life into your own personal art book collection, perfect for just sitting around and escaping into the far reaches of tropical settings enhanced by one artist’s vivid imagination...."