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"Barbie. The Icon tells the story of the incredible life of this ageless woman who has had the privilege to be timeless, to cross distant eras and lands, thereby bolstering her status as a legend and, above all, as an icon of fashion and a reflection of the times."

"Held at the Complesso del Vittoriano Museum, the exhibition "Barbie: The Icon," which is curated by Massimiliano Capella, the writer of the book of the same name, displays the first ever Barbie, along with 380 different models manufactured over different periods of time, along with Barbie houses, accessories and clothes designed by famous fashion houses." 

“This brightly colored, fully illustrated book by fashion historian Capella celebrates the Barbie doll as a legendary fashionista and inspiration for girls. The doll has been meticulously redefined to stay relevant since its debut in 1959... This is a charming book for all ages, and older readers will especially enjoy revisiting their childhoods.”