An Embarrassment of Riches

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"This is the debut book from British photographer Adrian Buckmaster; a beautiful book perfect in itself captures a cross-section of humanity. It challenges the conventional idealism of beauty in an eclectic body of portraiture. Buckmaster’s An Embarrassment of Riches features nearly 300 magnificent images, showcasing the multitude of ways in which individuals present, modify, and embellish their bodies in the pursuit of individualism."

"His skill and imagination are on rampant display in this newly released monograph, a rich parade of quirky faces and bodies and over-the-top wardrobe and props. There’s also some occasional gender bending, along with tableaus both hilarious and somber that interact subjects with each other or with some surreal milieu.... One begins to wonder about this photographer’s upbringing, which of course is part of the book’s great charm."

"I found this book to be visually stunning. I was drawn in by the ethereal quality of many of the photos. It was like visiting a wonderful 'other' place where the truly fantastic is celebrated. As I gazed at each image I was struck with the talent of Adrian Buckmaster. He has this ability to somehow reach into each person and extract a spark from each of them and help them to show their individuality. This is a gorgeous celebration of humanity and how we show up in this world."