A Respect for Light: The Latin American Photographs/ 1974-2008

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"There is a sense of something else, of something more — a world evolving, a lover scorned, a crime of passion about to be committed — in Mario Algaze’s black-and-white photographs. Considered one of the masters of the art, the Miami-based Cuban-American manages to capture evocative scenes that live beyond the images frozen by his camera."

"Mario Algaze is the rare lensman with an innate talent for harnessing the subtle interplay of light and shadow to capture his subjects in a poetic and timeless fashion."

"Mario Algaze is an extraordinary photographer as judged by the body of images in this book. What makes this special is the two intertwined but very unique areas that hold his interest.  Although he was born in Cuba and spent many years in America, Latin America holds the roots of his heart and therefore he offers a view of that world with a deep understanding of place. That is one level of his work, but there is also a very unique second view. He understands the many nuances of light and shadow. For this alone his work should be slowly studied and savored.  Whether it is an old man caught in a triangle of light or the shadow of a leg and arm on the wall of a building, Mr. Algaze seizes the moment to show us the ordinary in an extraordinary way. The photographs in this book need to be studied as well as enjoyed if for nothing else alone except the use of light and shadow. It is special."

"Over the course of more than 30 years, Algaze captured these photographs, which feature the people and locations of the places he visited in the early morning light as each day begins."

"The 4,000 s.f. exhibition, on view November 14, 2014 – January 18, 2015, features over 150 black and white images and coincides with the launch of Algaze’s book, A Respect for Light: The Latin American Photographs 1974-2008."

    "This book would be a great Christmas gift for anyone that loves photography...whether you get it for someone else or for yourself. It's an intriguing book to return to again and again."