A Life in Pictures: The Douglas Kirkland Monograph

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    "The Fort Erie–born photographer Douglas Kirkland spent three weeks with Coco Chanel in Versailles, conducted photo shoots on the set of Titanic and photographed more celebrities than he can count—but he’s never had an exhibition in his home country. Yorkville’s Izzy Gallery has corrected that with A Life in Pictures, on display until June 30, which showcases the photographer’s most iconic snapshots from the golden age of Hollywood.”

    "Izzy Gallery presents the Canadian premiere exhibition of photographer Douglas Kirkland with A Life In Pictures. The show features 21 archival special limited editions of selected photos including 6 from the celebrated 1961 Marilyn Monroe series for Look magazine’s 25th anniversary. Selected photographs on display include portraits of Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Jack Nicolson, Angelina Jolie and Monica Bellucci along with behind the scenes photos of Coco Chanel."

    "Since the 1950s, photographer Douglas Kirkland estimates, he’s trained his camera on more than 600 celebrity subjects, creating an oeuvre that is as relevant for the pop-culture scholar as it us for the photography fan. Perhaps best known for his iconic 1961 photo session with a silk-sheet-clad Marilyn Monroe, lounging on a mattress in his studio, and his three-week stint with Coco Chanel in Paris in 1962—both assignments for Look magazine—Kirkland has assembled the full spectrum of his work in the new book A Life in Pictures: The Douglas Kirkland Monograph, published this week by Glitterati."

    "To hear the click of the shutter and realise I had made a picture was an amazing thrill because, for me, the life of photographers was a fantasy life.” But for Kirkland, such a life would become his reality for the next 69 years (and counting), as he photographed people from Charlie Chaplin and Brigitte Bardot to Andy Warhol and Angelina Jolie; travelled the world on assignments for People and Time magazines, among others; and captured revealing off-camera moments on more than 160 film sets."

    "DOUGLAS KIRKLAND is so much more than the iconic images of celebrities that have made him so famous. He has amassed an impressive body of work throughout his 60-year photography career, his images running the gamut from stars and filmmakers, to classics and collectibles, to love and nudes."

    "For photographer Douglas Kirkland and his wife and business partner Francoise, there are no boundaries between life, love, work, and art. Their home reflects this blurring of the lines itself. The Kirklands never stop working because it is what they love. There is no “6pm closing time” in their world."

    "A true photography legend, Kirkland, a Canada native, came to New York in the late fifties with a fire in his belly and a self-imposed 365 day deadline to make it big. Kirkland did more than just “make it,” he’s become a household name in the industry, famous in his own right. His new monograph, A Life in Pictures, documents his fruitful  career that has spanned more than five decades. [A monograph is] basically a story of the photographer or artist through the art, it’s really an autobiography in a sense. That’s what A Life in Pictures is, with words and with pictures."

    "The Photo-shopped and airbrushed images of today contrast with Kirkland’s famous portraits of iconic movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Catherine Deneuve and Judy Garland. These portraits have a raw sensibility and freedom that is rarely seen in celebrity portraits today."

    "If anyone in the history of photography deserves a large book it’s Douglas Kirkland. Yet his new book “A Life in Pictures” is relatively small in the grand scheme of modern publishing. However, I’m referring to only the physical imprint. When it comes to what is inside this book, well, photographic life doesn’t get any bigger. [...] Kirkland is simply one of the most important, and prolific image makers in the history of modern photography." 

    "A Life in Pictures: The Douglas Kirkland Monograph, published by Glitterati Incorporated, is a tome of pics-and-prose where Kirkland reveals all. With a career spanning more than six decades of photographing the who’s who in the world of film and fashion, there is much to reveal."

    "So frame-worthy highlights? Douglas Kirkland, an artist famed in large part for his many movie set photos ("The Sound of Music" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" among them), will get a image-filled tribute."

    "Audrey Hepburn was nearly 40 when she met Douglas Kirkland, the young magazine photographer who’s gotten famous taking pictures of Marilyn Monroe in bed for Life. In Paris to shoot promotional stills for Hepburn’s 1966 heist movie “How To Steal A Million,” Kirkland wound up leaving with one of his favorite images in a 60-year career: of the still girlish grande dame in a sixties beehive, glancing sideways and grinning as if she had the world’s greatest secret up her sleeve."

    "Douglas Kirkland is not your typical photographer. With over 50 years of photography experience and more than a million photos in his archive, Kirkland is what you would consider an industry legend. Over the years, fifteen books have been published displaying his work, many of them over one or several celebrities. In his 16th book, Kirkland gets the chance to show a culmination of his life’s work."

    "His latest book, Douglas Kirkland: A Life in Pictures is more than just a collection of photographs, it’s also an autobiographical account of his struggle to make it to the top, a 40,000 word tome he says was easy to write because he is so passionate about its message: “I wanted to get across a few points,” he says as we sit under a cloudless sky on the rooftop of his publisher’s offices in midtown Manhattan. “Anything is possible with the right attitude, no matter where you start, if you keep a clear sense of the direction you want to go.”"

    "It’s all about photographer Douglas Kirkland these days: The famed celebrity portraitist took center stage on opening night of last week’s Photo LA art fair in Los Angeles."

    "Douglas Kirkland receives award and everybody parties."

    "Last night, The 23rd Annual International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exhibition otherwise known as photo l.a. christened its brand new space inside LA Mart with an opening night gala to benefit Inner-City Arts. The evening featured DJ sets, gourmet bites, specialty cocktails, a preview of the fair, and a special presentation with Elle Fanning to honor celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland."

    "The 2014 edition of photo l.a. will honor award-winning celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland. On Thursday evening, January 16, 2014, Kirkland will be presented with a certificate from the City of Los Angeles, followed by a presentation of the photo l.a. award."

    "Two L.A.-based celebrity photographers, one classical and one controversial, have new books showcasing their styles."

    "LA's largest and longest running photography fair, Photo LA 2014 at the LA Mart in Downtown LA is your chance to see photo-based art from some of the world's most talented artists including this year's honoree, renowned celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland. Kirkland's images take us through a who's who spanning five decades: Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Angelina Jolie, Robert Redford and the list goes on."

    “Even after a 60-year career in which he's surpassed the million-photo threshold, photographer Douglas Kirkland still can't believe what he's accomplished.”

    "An accomplished photographer and one of Canon’s esteemed Explorers of Light, Douglas Kirkland has photographed almost every movie star you can think of. His subjects have included Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Sean Connery, Meryl Streep, and Nicole Kidman."

    “’This is my 16th book, but it’s the first one that tells the whole story. It’s quite overwhelming when someone says, ‘Show your life’s work.’ This book is really the ultimate expression for me.’”

    “For more than 60 years, photographer Douglas Kirkland has been the go to guy for shooting Hollywood's biggest stars. Now the man who has been on set for more than 160 films joins ‘CBS This Morning: Saturday’ to talk about his new book A Life in Pictures."

    "A ten-photo slideshow of some of Douglas Kirkland’s most iconic works, including Audrey Hepburn, John F. Kennedy, Raquel Welch, and others."

    “Want to relive the biggest moments in fashion and pop culture over the past six decades? Crack open A Life in Pictures: The Douglas Kirkland Monograph

    Judith Regan calls Kirkland's monograph, A Life in Pictures, "the perfect holiday gift."

    ‘’To examine his body of work is to understand that Mr. Kirkland doesn’t just create a portrait, he captures the character of the person in front of his lens, and that is the essence of photographic greatness.”

    "The best photography tomes this fall feature Hugh Hefner's centerfolds, Bruce Springsteen in the throes of center-stage glory and three of fashions most memorable faces."

    "Douglas Kirkland is the insanely talented photographer who's behind seemingly half the gorgeous retro photos you pin over and over again. A gorgeous collection of his work, A Life in Pictures: The Douglas Kirkland Monograph, hits shelves on September 16, and we have a preview of all the luscious Hollywood lore and the images that go along with them—starring Marilyn, Audrey, Brigitte, and others."

    "Douglas Kirkland has given us some of culture’s most iconic images. He has perfected his craft over the past six decades, traveling to six continents and working as a special photographer on more than 160 motion picture sets, including Titanic, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 2001 Space Odyssey, The Sound of Music, Out of Africa, Moulin Rouge!, and The Great Gatsby. He has photographed Charlie Chaplin, Brigitte Bardot, John Wayne, Sean Connery, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Ingrid Bergman, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, and Nicole Kidman, among hundreds of others."

    "A comprehensive collection of Douglas Kirkland’s iconic body of work – one of the world’s leading contemporary photographers featuring over 50 years of images along with the intriguing tale of his career from the very beginning until now."

    "Written by Kirkland himself, the book speaks volumes about his hard yet rewarding journey, his tireless determination to make a dent in a ruthless industry that changes fast and discards mediocrity like yesterday’s papers, and a passion for his art that has never once dimmed over his almost 60-year career."

    "Douglas Kirkland's new coffee-table book makes even the most comprehensive Life Magazine archive look wimpy."

    "Filled with both brilliantly composed glamour shots and more conceptual work, this book presents the broad scope of a man who has been perfecting his craft for over sixty years. Readers looking for some background on this long journey in the world of photo will also be given some insight into the creative process of Douglas Kirkland through  his surprisingly vivid and engaging prose."

    "At the age of 78, Douglas Kirkland is embarking on his grandest publishing project to date, a magnum opus that spans his illustrious career. With an archive more than a one million photographs, he is charged with the responsibility of creating the definitive tome of his life’s work. Though daunting by any stretch of the imagination, Kirkland has an incredible team that inspires, supports, and challenges him as an artist, an author, and a human being to go beyond his own understanding of what he has done and reflect upon it through a new lens, one that only the monograph can offer."

    E"ste mes llega A Life in Pictures, la antología definitiva del célebre fotógrafo Douglas Kirkland. Platicamos con el autor sobre su libro más íntimo."