• Sara Shamsavari: London Veil | Paris Veil | NYC Veil

    Friday Mar 13 2015






    The veil hides, just as it reveals, a deeper side of the woman beneath. It speaks without words, letting us know that she who wears the veil is a Muslimah. In celebration of these women who sparkle across the cityscapes of the world, Sara Shamsavari presents London Veil | Paris Veil | NYC Veil, a series of street...

  • Toby Old: Times Squared

    Friday Mar 06 2015





    For 25 years, Toby Old has had a photographic dialogue with Times Square--at different times of the day, in all lights, and during all seasons, with its multitude of events, parades, theater, sports, sex shops and industries. In the tradition of Weegee, Robert Frank, and Diane Arbus, Old’s photographs capture a strange and wonderful world. Drawn to the visually compelling and frenetic energy of the Crossroads of the World, Old has an inimitable way of...

  • Wyatt Gallery: Spiritual Sites

    Friday Feb 27 2015






    Wyatt Gallery, a person not a place, is an award-winning photographer who uses his photographs to raise awareness and support for communities damaged by natural disasters. His books, which include Tent Life: Haiti (Umbrage Editions) and #SANDY (Daylight Books) have provided Gallery with the opportunity to give back to the community in a positive and empowering form.

    The recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to...

  • Janette Beckman: El Hoyo Maravilla

    Friday Feb 20 2015






    Janette Beckman spent the summer of 1983 in Los Angeles, staying in the home of a good friend who was then managing the pop group, The Go-Gos. While in town, she came across a newspaper piece on the East L.A. gang scene; the story had no photographs, so Beckman took to the streets to see for herself. Although she was warned against visiting the area by...

  • David Gulden: The Centre Cannot Hold

    Friday Feb 13 2015

    Giraffe bouquet. Masai MaraNational Reserve, Kenya, 2007.

    Two young marauding males flehmen responding
    (the action of testing females’ estrus cycles using the Jacobson’s Organ).
    Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, 2002.

    Dead wood, Laikipia, Kenya, 2003.

     Captive crocodile. Langata, Kenya, 2005.

    Mother leopard takes a late-morning nap.
    Itong Hills, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, 2006.
  • Navajo Nation 1950: Traditional Life in Photographs

    Friday Feb 06 2015

    Willie Cly overlooking Monument Valley.


    Hosteen Bahe Slim, Singer.


    Completed sand-painting.


    Nasjah Begas our guide to Rainbow Bridge.
    A man oppressed by sorrow, he had just been released from the hospital
    where he had been treated for tuberculosis. He had a family to support.


    The Rolling Mule, standing rocks.

    In 1950, Jonathan B. Wittenberg took his bulky, twin-lens reflex camera on a journey...

  • Lisa Ross: Living Shrines of Uyghur China

    Friday Jan 30 2015

    Black Garden (an offering)


    Unrevealed, Site 4 (Colored “Cribs”), 2009


    Unrevealed, Site 3 (Ladder), 2009


    Unrevealed, Site 2 (Red Masthead), 2009


    Unrevealed, Site 3 (Footprints), 2009

    Though the Xinjiang region of Western China is a cultural crossroads of historic importance, scholars and journalists have often been denied access to the area since it was annexed by China in 1949. It is with great care, luck and determination that Lisa Ross was...

  • Joe Conzo: Latin Legends

    Friday Jan 23 2015

    Celia Cruz and Tito Puente, Lehman College, 1982.


    Joe Cuba and Charlie Palmier, Tito Puente Scholarship Gala, 1981.


    Eddie Palmieri, New York Casino, 1980.


    Tito Puente and Machito, 116th Street Old Timers Day, 1979.


    Ray Baretto, Beau's Restaurant, Bronx, 1984.


    Born and raised n the Bronx, Joe Conzo bore witness to the radical changes that affected his community during the...

  • Lukas Birk: Polaroids from the Middle Kingdom

    Friday Jan 16 2015





    An Austrian-born multimedia artist, explorer, and organizer, Luks Birk spent his late teens and early twenties as a journalist for Austrian and German media. Plagued by a sense of stagnation in his central European home, Birk relocated to Beijing, where he encountered a group of like-minded young creatives also aiming to craft their better selves through development of their own artistic work. Inspired by his new surroundings and friends, Birk endeavored to communicate his feeling...

  • Thom Gilbert: Soul: Memphis' Original Sound

    Friday Jan 09 2015

    B.B. King


    Jeanne Darling


    Willie Mitchell's Royal Studios


    Syl Johnson


    Mickey Gregory


    Memphis soul is the sound of Soulsville, USA. It is the sound of the South, of a shimmering, sultry style and an unstoppable force, which is the beating of the human heart in rhythm with the drums. It is the melodic sensation of horns playing in unison, of...

  • Bastienne Schmidt: Topography of Quiet

    Friday Jan 02 2015

    Untitled, Mindmap, 2012, Mixed Media on Paper, 42x 86 inches


    Coils, Vietnam, 2004, C print, 30x30 inches


    Untitled, Mind Map, 2012, Mixed Media on Paper, 36x 60 inches


    Pyramid, C Print, Egypt, 2010


    Untitled, Mindmap, 2012, Mixed Media on Paper, 42x 86 inches

    In Topography of Quiet, mixed-media artist Bastienne Schmidt explores the subtle interaction between nature and imagination. Inspired by the beauty of natural patterns and typologies that she discovered on her extensive...

  • Robert Herman: Cartagena: A Waking Dream

    Friday Dec 26 2014









    The author of The New Yorkers, Robert Herman has been a street photographer since his days as an NYU film student back in the 1970s. From an archive of 25,000 images, Herman selected 82 photographs shot between 1978-2005 on Kodakchrome for his first monograph. The most remarkable thing in his look at a now-vintage New York...

  • Phillip Toledano: Provocative, Pristine & Profound

    Friday Dec 19 2014

    From Kim Jong Phil



    From Kim Jong Phil



    From Kim Jong Phil



    Days With My Father



    From Days With My Father


    James Baldwin wrote, “All art is a kind of confession, more or less oblique. All artists, if they...

  • Lilla Szasz: A Meditation of Self

    Friday Dec 12 2014












    Lilla Szasz uses her camera to explore the dark and shine a light on difficult subjects with kindness and grace. She does not shy away from the painful and the tragic, but neither...

  • Richard Sandler: Street Photographer

    Friday Dec 05 2014











    Street photographer Richard Sandler came into his own through a path that was as distinctive as his work. He shares his story and his photographs of dogs with The Click.

    Sandler observes, “I love dogs. From the day I started photography, I was always photographing...

  • Gail Buckland: A Life in Photography

    Friday Nov 28 2014









    Gail Buckland at the stadium built in Athens in 1896 for the modern Olpymics<
    Getting in the mood for her next book Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History 1843 to the Present


    Author. Educator. Curator. Gail Buckland’s life in photography is as vast as the medium itself, revealing a love that was born of a dream....

  • Glitterati Incorporated: The Art of Illustrated Book Publishing

    Friday Nov 21 2014

    Marta Hallett and Princess Alfrieda.
    Photograph by Douglas Kirkland.


    Don Bachardy, author of Hollywood.
    Photograph by Mark Ruffalo.


    Photographers Harry Benson, Douglas Kirkland, and Jean-Pierre Laffont
    at the launch of Photographer's Paradise: Turbulent America 1960-1990.
    Photograph by Benjamin Petit.


    Calvin Klein and author Christopher Makos.
    Photograph by Evan Falk.


    Paul Zone's Playground: Growing Up in the New York Underground
    launch party and exhibition at Lethal Amounts, Los...

  • Daniel Cooney Fine Art: From the Heart

    Friday Nov 14 2014









    Daniel Cooney Fine Art opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in August 2003 before relocating to Chelsea in June 2004. The gallery, which specializes in showing artists such as Nir Arieli, Benjamin Fredrickson and Joseph Maida and Scot Sothern, also conducts fine art auctions online presented by iGavelAuctions.com featuring works by Walker Evans, Peter Hujar, Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Avedon,...

  • Mario Algaze: A Respect for Light

    Friday Nov 07 2014

    Shoeshine, San Angel, México, 1974

    El fotógrafo del Parque La Alameda, México, D.F., 1974

    Haciendo cola, Santiago de Cuba, 1999

    Salón de té, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1993

    El laboratorio del Dr. Paz-Viera, Cartagena, Colombia, 1987


    Cuban-born photographer Mario Algaze is master...

  • Douglas Kirkland: Michael Jackson: The Making of “Thriller” Four Days/1983

    Friday Oct 31 2014







    Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” made music history as MTV’s first world premiere video when the thirteen-minute epic was released on December 2, 1983. Directed by John Landis, who co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Jackson, “Thriller” was budgeted at half a million dollars in production. It has sold 9 million units to date....