• Adriana Teresa and Graham Letorney: Visura.co

    Friday Jul 31 2015

    Julia Cybularz


    Matt Propert


    Cassandra Giraldo


    Antonio Pulgarín

    Founded by Adriana Teresa and Graham Letorney, Visura.co is an international networking platform for the photography and media industries' key players to connect, share and network. Formerly known as fotovisura.com, Visura.co provides its members access to resources and marketing tools to to further their work, missions, and careers.

    Two of...

  • Lukas Birk: Kafkanistan

    Friday Jul 24 2015





    In the summer of 2005, a visual artist and an anthropologist teamed up for an unusual journey. Lukas Birk (under the alias “Smiley Wallah”) and Sean Foley (under the alias “Kartunwallah”) ventured into Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran as tourists. This new type of ‘tourism’—one mixed with journalistic ambitions—allowed the pair to experience the countries, their people, and their cultures for themselves.

    Birk and Foley spent many months travelling through Afghanistan and neighboring countries trying...

  • Sarah C. Butler: Portrait of Maine Island

    Friday Jul 17 2015

    Lupine, view northwest, up Somes Sound, June 2008


    Jane Hague, July 2005


    Tim Murphy and Piper, July 2008


    Seth Milliken, Sunday Times, June 2005

    Celebrated portrait photographer August Sander observed, “People are not simply what they are but rather are engaged in a continuing process of creating and projecting themselves.” It is for this reason that the portrait photographer’s work speaks so vividly to us. We may observe their work, a...

  • Stephen Frailey: Dear Dave,

    Friday Jul 10 2015





    Illustrated publishing is a calling—and a labor of love. It is something that runs through the blood of the select few who are charged to create, to execute, to produce in paper and inks, to collect stories and lay them bare upon the printed page. Stephen Frailey understands this well. As the editor-in-chief of Dear Dave, an independent magazine published three times a year, Frailey brings together an incredible array of photographic work, beautifully designed...

  • Michael Clinton: Closer

    Friday Jul 03 2015

    Jaipur, India


    St. Petersburg, Russia


    Above the Arctic Circle, Norway


    Buenos Aires, Argentina




    Not only is Michael Clinton the President, Marketing and Publishing Director for Hearst Magazines, he is a globetrotter, accomplished photographer, and prolific author. Closer: Seeing the World in Details (Glitterati Incorporated) is Clinton’s seventh travel book, and, like the others, it is...

  • Reg Grundy: Mother and Child

    Friday Jun 26 2015






    Reg Grundy is a key figure in the history of television, known in his native Australia and around the world for his successes as a producer and entrepreneur. Fewer are familiar with Grundy’s photographic talents, which were first recognized and emboldened by his friend, legendary celebrity photographer, Douglas Kirkland. Culled from more than four decades of archived photographs, Mother and Child: Wildlife...

  • Julie Grahame: aCurator

    Friday Jun 19 2015

    Bear Kirkpatrick: Wall Portraits


    Coco Martin: Opus Incarnate


    Marc Wilson: The Last Stand


    Leonardo Fabris: Dance of Vitiligo


    Julie Grahame

    “Art is the most intense mode of individualism the world has ever known,” Oscar Wilde said. As time goes by, the photograph brilliantly illustrates this ideal, for it is a path to understanding the world in which we live through the eye of the singular man or...

  • Jean-Pierre Laffont: The Savage Skulls

    Friday Jun 12 2015

    Bronx, New York City, New York/July 20, 1972
    Members of the New York street gang Savage Skulls strike a pose reminiscent of West Side Story. The trademark of the primarily Puerto Rican gang was a sleeveless denim jacket with a skull and crossbones design on the back. Based in the South Bronx neighborhood of Hunts Point, the gang declared war on the drug dealers that operated in the area as well as running battles with rival gangs.  


    Bronx, New York City, New York/July 20, 1972
    Savage Skulls members walk the...

  • Roger Ballen: Outland, 2nd Edition

    Friday Jun 05 2015

    Show off, 2000


    Child in bird coop, 1998


    Half blinded, 1996

    Roger Ballen’s monograph Outland was first released in 2001, to startling effect. His portraits were haunting images of people seemingly possessed by something so otherworldly it stopped one in their tracks. His subjects were white folk living on the outskirts of South Africa in a state of poverty so raw, it drew pause. To stare or not to stare? To rush past, in horror, or to slowly take it all in? It was all...

  • Through Irish Eyes: A Visual Companion to Angela McCourt’s Ireland

    Friday May 29 2015





    Angela’s Ashes is one of the greatest memoirs of our age, as author Frank McCourt recounts a childhood of poverty and pain in Limerick, Ireland, during the 1930s and 40s. Since its release in 1996, this bittersweet book has struck a chord with people worldwide, through an extraordinary telling that allowed readers to create their own visual representation of the places and events as described by the...

  • Colleen Plumb: Animals Are Outside Today

    Friday May 22 2015

    Flamingo, 2000


    Euthanized, 2009


    Sleeping Lion, 2005


    Chalk Birds, 2009

    We have a complicated relationship with animals, perhaps founded in the idea that we are not one of them. As humans, we enjoy creating hierarchies where there may be done, consistently creating artificial tests of intelligence that elevate us above the animal kingdom.By presenting and reinforcing false walls between ourselves and the natural world, we do more harm than good. Animals are the creatures Nature put forth...

  • Tim Horn: Sense of Space

    Friday May 15 2015






    Tim Horn is an inspiration. What began as a social media project documenting his life has blossomed into the artist’s first solo exhibition. He recalls, “On November 25th, my birthday, I started a project via my Facebook feed: “44X365,” a photograph a day throughout my 44th year. Approaching the six-month mark, it is clearly a collection of what I anticipated: the alluring, the repellant, the beguiling,...

  • Stephen Posen: Ellipsis: Dual Vision

    Friday May 08 2015

    Putting green, Palm Springs, California, January 2012;
    Daiane, New York Fashion Week, New York, New York February 2012


    Alligator paw at Farmers’ Market, Quakertown, Pennsylvania, June 2012;
    Pool toy reflection, Cherry Hill Farm, Pennsylvania, July 2012


    Gumball vending machine, Quakertown Farmers’ Market, Pennsylvania, November 2011;
    Memorial at Killing Fields, Siem Reap, Cambodia, October 2011


    Pool toy, Cherry Hill Farm, Pennsylvania, July 2012;
    Swan, Peabody Museum, New Haven, Connecticut, May 2012


     Ishtar Gate, Archeological...

  • Dave Schubert: Black Dream

    Friday May 01 2015





    Dave Schubert looks at things we don’t see. A self-taught artist, he uses the camera to take in the highs and the lows of daily life, recording the strange and the mundane with a passion that bespeaks his love for the photograph. He investigates scenarios unfolding along his path, capturing the people, the places, and the experiences that he encounters with the comfort of a natural.

    Attracted to the underbelly, Schubert...

  • Guzman: Newark in the 1970s

    Friday Apr 24 2015





    Newark in the 1970s was synonymous with urban despair. The riots of 1967, sparked by television news broadcasts of a clash between African Americans and police in the Fourth Ward, left the city in shambles with 26 dead; 15,00 wounded; 1,600 arrested, and $10 million in property damages. More than a thousand businesses were torched or looted, including 167 groceries, most of which would never reopen. Newark’s reputation...

  • The AIPAD Photography Show New York

    Friday Apr 17 2015

    René Peña, Black Shoes, 2007. Archival pigment print, 61 x 80 cm
    © René Peña, courtesy Robert Mann Gallery, New York


    Nina Korhonen, Surfers, Kochi Prefecture, Japan, 2014
    Archival pigment print. Courtesy Lee Marks Fine Art, Shelbyville, IN


    Luis González Palma, Mobius (untitled), 2014
    Photograph on canvas with acrylic paint, 12 x 12 inches
    Courtesy Lisa Sette Gallery, Phoenix


    Whitney Curtis, A man raises his hands in the air in front of a row of
    St. Louis County police armored personnel carriers, Ferguson, Missouri, 
    Aug. 11, 2014.
    Archival pigment print, 16 x 20 inches.
    © Whitney Curtis, Courtesy Monroe Gallery of...

  • Hip-Hop Revolution: Martha Cooper. Joe Conzo, and Janette Beckman

    Friday Apr 10 2015

    JDL and Grandmaster Caz at Club Negril, 1981.
    Photograph by Joe Conzo.


    Almighty KG of the Cold Crush Brothers at Harlem World, 1981.
    Photograph by Joe Conzo.


    Little Crazy Legs strikes an impromptu pose during Wild Style shoot, Riverside Park, 1983.
    Photograph by Martha Cooper.

    High Times Crew breaking outside police station, Washington Heights, Manhattan, 1980.
    Photograph by Martha Cooper


    JDL at Skatin’ Palace, 1981.
    Photograph by Joe Conzo.

    As time passes, history reveals itself in the...

  • Danny Clinch: Walls of Sound

    Friday Apr 03 2015

    Bruce Springsteen, 2005


    Tupac Shakur, 1993


    Neil Young, 2007

    The photographs of Danny Clinch combine a raw immediacy and elegance of composition that makes them unforgettable. Within each photograph is an eternal rhythm that flows when artists come together in the creation of art. Each photograph is a collaboration between photographer and subject that reverberates beyond the frame, drawing the viewer into the experience and making it come alive once again.

    The silence of the still image all but evaporates in “Walls of...

  • Pat Loud: Lance Out Loud

    Friday Mar 27 2015



    Lance and his Christmas pup featured on the Christmas day issue of the Eugene Register-Guard, Oregon, 1956.



    The Loud family en route to Calgary, Canada, for a business trip with Bill, where a complete display
    of Steifl stuffed animals were on display in the hotel lobby, Lance's favorites.

    Lance Loud launched to stardom as America’s first reality TV star when PBS kicked off their groundbreaking 1973 show An American Family,...

  • Three Photographers from the Bronx: Jules Aarons, Morton Broffman, and Joe Conzo

    Friday Mar 20 2015






    “Jules Aarons, Morton Broffman, and Joe Conzo belong to an illustrious tradition of photographers deeply aware of their moment and surroundings who actively engaged with their communities to present their relative histories, capturing moments of social activism, and inspiring change,” observes Sergio Bessa, Director of Curatorial and Education Programs at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, which is...

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