Fresh by Sybil Brooke Sylvester


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March 2017 Release

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Foreword by Charlotte Moss and Preface by Charles McNair

This stunning book presents Sybil Sylvester’s most effervescent and distinctive floral designs, along with some of her celebrated arrangements from a variety of special occasions. Organized by season, Fresh’s exceptional floral designs include hydrangeas, muscari, baby green cherry tomatoes, and maidenhair fern wedged into gorgeous eggplants. Peppers, okra, and pinecones also often make their way into Sylvester’s floral arrangements, evoking a woodland and sometimes earthy feel. 

As a young girl, Sylvester always possessed a fascination with flowers, fairies, mushrooms, and mosses. Today, as a southern floral artist, she uses inventive ideas and fresh plants to illuminate her surroundings. Many of her plants come straight from her own garden, revealing a natural sense of connection that is evident throughout the pages of Fresh.  Within the book, floral arrangement ideas are divided up by time of year, holiday, and type of occasion (including a plethora of wedding examples), to make floral arranging relatively easy, even for a floral novice. Sylvester also includes a how-to section in which she empowers readers to create their own magic from the natural world. Glorious photographs, paired with step-by-step instructions and Sybil’s own special brand of inspiration and helpful advice, demonstrate the relative ease in creating a number of delightful designs.

Full of whimsy, joy, and elegance, Fresh is a magnificent paean to floral beauty. This book is perfect for flowers lovers and nature enthusiasts, whether they be seasoned florists or floral hobbyists. Simultaneously instructional and inspiring, Sybil Sylvester’s sublime floral arrangements encourage a creative commune with nature.

Sybil Brooke Sylvester was born and raised in Louisiana and Alabama. She is known for creating stunning flower arrangements and orchestrating breathtaking events. Sylvester embraces the philosophy of local and natural by always culling greenery and flowers from the abundance growing in the gardens and forests of her surroundings. Her “Flower School” was a popular column in Southern Accents magazine, and her work has been featured in many other publications, including Flower magazine. Through Sylvester’s Wildflower School, she travels around the country, designing and demonstrating. Currently, Sylvester resides in Birmingham, Alabama.

Charlotte Moss is an internationally renowned interior designer and author. She has published nine books. In 2009 she received an Elle Décor Vision Award. She currently lives in New York City.

Charles McNair’s first novel, Land O’ Goshen, was a nominee for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1994. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

ISBN: 978-1-943876-44-0
272 pages, 9 x 11"; hardcover