Reimagined: 45 Years of Jewish Art by Mark Podwal

Reimagined 45 Years of Jewish Art by Mark Podwal

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"The Art of Mark Podwal" Moment Magazine

Podwal employs incisive and often intricate line work to create stark images that reveal vivid emotions and tell complicated stories. Although the drawings’ topics are serious ones, his work shows enormous wit and frequently has charming whimsical touches… Like Wiesel’s words, Podwal’s art transcends mere images on paper to serve as a witness to the Jewish historical experience.

"An Art of Vision and Faith" Print Magazine

Reimagined: 45 Years of Jewish Art is a massive collection and the first monograph of this famed and prolific artist; one who has connected with art lovers from New York, Prague, Israel and everywhere in between. In this extended collection, the reader encounters the diverse array of works that represent and span Podwal’s illustrious career; from the whimsical, such as Matzoh Moon and Talmud Typewriter, to the political, such asMunich Massacre and Annexing Arab Anger, to the religious, which includes Passover Haggadah illustrations and textile designs from the world’s most historic synagogues. 
"Prufock: Mark Podwal's Metaphysical Lines, Charles Francois Daubigny's Impresssionism, and Memorizing Poetry" The Weekly Standard 
Mark Podwal is one of those startling souls—they are very few—who can imagine, through the power of a unifying eye, connections so new that they shake the brain into fresh juxtapositions of understanding.
"Master of the True Line" Tablet Magazine.